Unusual Heatwave Bringing Out Nature’s Best And Miele Makes Best Washing Machines

https://youtu.be/kCGrG0aa9EU Pulled this nasty guy off my dog, Beckett the Killa pug, this morning. It's the second one in a month. Indeed. An unusually long heatwave is doing its job on nature here. Bugs are flying around I've never seen before. The Rhine river is extremely low and somewhat more toxic than usual. Last week …

Paris Pic 2018

Dabbling in smartphone photography. Have no idear what I'm doing. Yet every once-a-once I nail it. Well, almost nail it. Street art from Spring 2018 Paris visit. -Rant on T

Quote From The Downfall

Risk being a victim of injustice rather then being complicit in it. -Bruce Fein Source: https://ralphnaderradiohour.com/poor-peoples-campaign-brett-kavanaugh/ And so. I'm just trying to understand how my beloved & missed #Americant got to where it is right now. And boy is it f'n scary. Good luck suckers. -Rant on T

A Told, Untold And Retold Story Or Why I’m Obsessed With Calling Out Those Who Gave US President PeePeeHair

It's hard being an expat. It's even harder being an expat stuck in a golden cage. Indeed, dear worst-reader. That's what I call my not-so-loved Germania where I've been living and mentally struggling for the better part of twenty-plus years. When people ask me, though, why Germany, I usually avoid the obviousness of my birth. …

The Good Book In One Hand, Burning #Americant Flag In The Other

No. Seriously. It was the re-election of Dubya Dip$hit Bush back in '04 that probably sealed the deal that I would never repatriate to my beloved & missed #Americant. I really didn't think things could get any worst, though, after Dip$hit Dubya. And so. Dear worst-reader. Welcome to my... getting worst-world galore. I can't forget …