How To Fight Your Culture Of Stupidity Galore Without Losing Your Shirt Or Your Head

stained flag

First and foremost, get rid of the elite. Not unlike that which lead to the French Revolution–there should be heads rolling through mishandled municipal gutters about now. In fact, there should be something like a pile of heads museum somewhere from the past thirty or so years. But I guess that’s wishful thinking considering the redneck dumba$$es who have long since lost their shirts and given the rest of us a world of #Trump. Wait. Did they lose shirts or…?

The Nation (see link below) recently published an open letter that might be worth a worst-read. At the least, the list of signees–see link to it below–is worth reading. Most of the signees, btw, are pretty rational people. Unfortunately the letter is nothing more than a hark backwards for somewhat rational thinking people who are trying to cope with what they’ve ALL done to bring about #Trump. Republican or Democrat, anyone who participated in the Neo-liberal economics of the past 30 yrs is part of something too big to blame, eh! How do you know if you’ve participated in the Neo-liberal bat$hittery of the past thirty years? Easy. Can you pay off all your consumer debt within the next two or three salary/income earnings? For those living off the Neo-rentier system, you’re heads should be rolling simply because you’re the worst of the worst. But on that note, I digress.

Tangent: Have you ever, dear worst-reader, considered comparing #Trump to Nixon? Someone should write an open letter with a whole bunch of signatures about that. Do you know why #Trump probably won’t be impeached (even though he deserves to be simply because of that hair!) Well, to answer that question all you have to do is figure out how/why they got Nixon to quite after being threatened with almost sure impeachment. It boils down to one thing:

Fcuking Faux Newz!!!!!! Feeding off a culture/society of STUPIDITY GALORE.

If Nixon had had faux newz he would have glided through all his corruption and illegal activities like a hot blade through butter. That’s why #Trump probably won’t be impeached. And that’s why #Trump can play the stupid white man card, taking advantage of THE DEPLORABLES and f’n get away with it. He and the bath$hittery of stupid white people who are obsessed with their feelings over and above rational thought—unless it’s about their f’n money!—has gone way overboard. Not even rational open letters from political celebrities can counter that.

An open letter from people who got famous in politics after the 1980s doesn’t really matter anymore. Democracy died a long time ago in #Americant thanks to stupidity and greed and the only reason there’s trouble with international affairs (Russia Russia Russia) is because there ain’t no real money left for the stupid and the greedy—both embodied by dumbass rednecks and their leader/demigod #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

-Rant on


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