A Told, Untold And Retold Story Or Why I’m Obsessed With Calling Out Those Who Gave US President PeePeeHair

It’s hard being an expat. It’s even harder being an expat stuck in a golden cage. Indeed, dear worst-reader. That’s what I call my not-so-loved Germania where I’ve been living and mentally struggling for the better part of twenty-plus years. When people ask me, though, why Germany, I usually avoid the obviousness of my birth. That is, my mother is German born but since marrying an idiot GI (I was born and raised in US) and had two kids with him, she’s been an American citizen longer than I’ve been in #Eurowasteland. Then I usually add something like: Well, don’t you know, there was always the allure of German Fräuleins and Bier. But all worst-kidding aside.

How pissed are you, dear worst-reader? Well, I’m pretty pissed right about now. Am I more pissed than usual? No. But I’m pissed enough–and it’s too early to get on with getting pissed another way. (For those lacking in anglo internationality, “pissed” in the US means angry; outside US it means drunk. But I digress.)  With that in mind, I read a really long and what turned out to be disappointing article about Otto Warmbier this morning. (See link below.) I’ve always been interested in Warmbier because 1. the odd circumstance of his death and 2. why the beejeezees he went to North Korea in the first place. In fact, I found it astonishing that this young man, who was obviously stupid enough to do what he did… Hold a sec. I guess I have to show more respect. Or? Naw. Fcuk it. This kid was obviously a moron. And guess what? I bet he was fcuking raised by morons, too. Seriously. How stupid can you be to think of a reason to go to North Korea–as a fcuking tourist? Oh wait. The article referenced here does indicate that Warmbier and his family–wait for it–are republicans. Which also means, they are probably religious $hitbags. And ain’t that, then, reason to go to North Korea? I mean, I get it if professionals, journalists, government or humanitarian agencies send people there. But to go there as a white male American tourist with God on your shoulder???

If we (Americans and US government) can’t make NK subservient to us–you know, like we did with South Korea, Japan, etc.–then we should at least try to save their ungodly souls.

Is that what Warmbier was thinking? Ok. Ok. Obviously I got very little new information from this strangely long and tiresome article. So why did I struggle through it? What I really want to know is why Warmbier was returned to the US in a vegetative state? Unfortunately this really, really long article doesn’t provide an answer to that question. It does provide further speculation about how Warmbeir died. He died… Actually his brain died after trying to commit suicide instead of facing fifteen years hard labor in a North Korean jail. Was he also tortured, drugged, beaten? There are no definitive answers to how this kid ended up the way he did. Except, perhaps, the reality, like some many misguided #Americants and their perverted sense of religious righteousness, he was massively in the wrong place at the wrong time driven by the wrong attitude.

Btw, in another article I read this morning, there is more reason to ridicule republican shitbags. Although I’m no big fan of his make-fun-of (people) comedy (because making fun of someone is much easier than writing original stuff worth laughing at), I have to admit that Sasha Baron Cohen might have created his 9th Symphony.  Even though I won’t ever watch the show, instead watching snippets of it on the interwebnets, I think the man has finally found a way to bottle #Americant stupid. Congrats Sasha!

As far as the guy butt grabbing the waitress goes, I can only say this. Having had more than my share of the female body since I started banging chicks for sport when I was seventeen, it never once occurred to me to grab a woman by her sweaty waitress ass for shits & giggles. But Then again, I do like doing just that with my wife. Which begs this worst-question: where do men get the idear to do this sort of thing?

And last but not least, albeit without any further newz link, here my thoughts on President Stupid and how an old friend back in the homeland constantly tries to defend him.

This previous post is a disguised response to an email sent to me by an Old Friend. My Old Friend is trying to get me to read an open-letter published by The Nation (see link). After a few short corresponding and perhaps heated exchanges where I criticise the Open Letter, my Od Friend continues down a pseudo-defense of Trump and his GOP-ilk. Of course, my Old Friend and his living standard, is very dependent on GOP and neo-liberal (i.e. conservative Democrat) politicking. This is my most recent response:

Dear Old Friend,

And not only am I obsessed with Trump but also the fact that I was right all along. I’ve been right since we got out of high school. Although I never thought it would be Trump—since Reagan I always knew that this level of ugly can be the only direction the lie of the American mind can go. There is something so deeply and inherently wrong with the people that have enabled Trump—and I saw it from the get-go. The nastiness, the spite, the pure and adulterated ugliness of American white people. The cesspool of abuse and exploitation of the middle and lower classes—all made up of disgusting people who wallow in their own mindless excrement so they can have their next dollar. The entire Wash DC region has got to be one of the worst places on this planet—and not because of politics but because of the inner ugliness of the people that are there. These people are so deep in their own mind-filth of lies and mendacity that they can’t/will never see truth of any kind. That’s how you get a guy like Trump. That’s how you turn people against each other and Trump can then take advantage of… the fly-over states that are so far from the coasts and, of course, the entire DC region. That’s how you get the republican party to ally itself, willingly or not, with this level of extremism that is fascism pure. Breitbart & Co., is the natural following of über ignorant conservative white people that have achieved nothing nothing nothing and don’t know what to do with the anger they have inside themselves because of their self-imposed subjugation and thereby can only give the world the disgustingly ugly and hideous Trump with hair made out of piss and complaints and blame, etc. Trump can only come out of pure and simple stupidity—what a deserving people they are who made him.

Trump and everything about him, what makes him, disgusts me and I will forever condemn him and those who enable him.

We may be the last born of a foolish generation (the baby-boomers) with some level of hope and optimism but we will also see the sad end of that generation simply because all that’s left is the worst not the best of our character. The coming downfall has been well earned, old friend.


-Rant on


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