Opening Bottled Stupid Or Another Story Of #Americant Run Amok Galore


Well, this was supposed to be kind of a worst-post based on the newz-links at the end but instead I got caught up in an email exchange with an Old Friend and let myself get a bit off worst-topic. Good luck 1.

The following is an email exchange mixed what I consider to be some of my best worst-writing. That is, it’s totally convoluted, somewhat in-cohesive and angrily confused. Also, much of the yelling and screaming between worst-writer and my Old Friend back home has been removed on account… See good luck 1 above. Good luck 2.

Oh. And one more thing. “Old Friend” in this post has been replaced with Worst-Reader. Good luck 3.

Worst-writer: Are you in touch with the Jeff Sessions, new #SCOTUS pick and President Stupid, dear worst-reader?

Worst-reader: Sessions? Really? Dude you gotta get over it. I told you, Trump is just one more step to the Market State. Sessions is the beginning. He is nothing. Wait till real lawyers are in there with real billionaires running the country. This is just a side show.

–end correspondence with worst-reader out of pure shock.

Pause. Worst-writer proceeds to fill glass with ice and white wine. It’s approaching 100 degrees here in Germania.

Continue correspondence.

Worst-writer to Dear worst-reader: If you’re serious about Jeff Sessions, you are waaaaay out of touch. And not just out of touch with reason but also with history. Either that or you’re drunk. But don’t worry. I’m gettin there, too.

And so, allow me… (and brace yourself.)

Another pause. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

Dear worst-reader: You do know who bows to fascist power, don’t you? All of them, from Fiat to Mercedes Benz to big-bank here or there (in old Europe). They all bowed front and backwards to the fascists. And remember:

The Germans and Italians lost WW2 but fascism won! (-George Carlin)

Let’s start with Sessions and go from there.

Sessions is a KKK shitbag fascist. The KKK and ALL racists love fascism. In fact, when business fails—as it ultimately must when capitalism runs amok as it’s currently doing in its present neo-feudal form–ALL business people will turn to fascism, too. How will you, Dear worst-reader, choose your living standard when the rug is pulled out from under you?

Are you feeling the tug yet?

If you think Trump is a pawn of Wall Street lawyers and billionaires, WOW! And you call me out of touch?

Wall Street and ALL American bankers hate Trump. In fact, one of the reasons he’s so popular among republican shitbags is because he represent… Wait for it. That’s right. He represents the 7 deadly sins (pride, lust, sloth, greed, envy, wrath and gluttony) that is rural and middle-class America. Since people have allowed themselves to be convinced of the lie of individuality and/or the lie of the American-Dream and only know how to bitch & moan via faux-newz, thereby blaming everybody and everything but themselves for the error of giving republicans so much power for the past 30 years, Trump jumped on the hate wagon. How original, eh. He and so many cocksuckers like him have been riding these sins all their lives. Yeah, #Americant, baby.

#Trump, indeed.

Btw, that’s why Trump is beholden to Russia—and he most likely has broken laws here. He was smart enough to find Russian oligarchs that use him as their money launderer. How else can he afford huge money losing golf courses in Scotland and Ireland? How does he pay for that stupid jet of his? He skims off what he can from money laundering cocksuckers that prevented Russia from becoming a legitimate country after the USSR failed. Trump then hides his money from US tax authorities. Oh wait! Business people, like you, Dear Worst-Reader, think that’s “smart”, right? Yeah. The conman is smarter than the conned. Only in #Americant, baby! Anywho. Trump thought he finally made it out of NYC shitting on him for so many years because he really is a useless, cocksucking spoiled baby jerk-off–with a Russian connection. And who knows. Maybe he has finally made it. Then again, since he’s still disgusting to any rational thinking person—and there are some left—how do you think he’s gonna pay them all back–for this his last great con-job? Or is there no collective spite in gun-ridden, rascist, bat$hit #Americant?

And one more thing. The man is beholden to Russian oligarchs and Putin. That’s clear. And when he finally wrecks everything, how will fascist US business interests, and all you cocksucking corporate automatons, all beholden to the failing mighty dollar, react then?

Yeah. The ingredients are there and I’ve consolidated them quite well for you here. Share it with your fascists friends, if you like.

But one more thing.

Even though Trump is a moron he’s obviously studied the likes of Mussolini. Just watch one of Trump’s rallies. Mussolini rose to power in the same manner. Obviously, the American system is much more robust than that of Italy at the end of the 19th century but the similarities are there.

And even one more thing about Jeff Sessions. Why was Sessions picked to run DOJ for a Trump presidency? Btw, have you been reading about Trump’s latest SCOTUS pick? With Sessions at DOJ and, in the near future, a possibly full fascist SCOTUS, i.e. the 3rd branch of government, who is gonna pay who when push comes to shove and the US House of Representatives is made impotent? Two out of three branches of government, baby!

Shame your bubble can’t let you see that.

And so.

This is not a side show. You are in the middle of something that’s been going-on since the 80s, dude. And it’s being perpetrated by republicans. Be thankful that I’m so far out of your bubble to at least try and inform you.

-Rant on


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