Gourmet Festivals And Bee Stings

The bourgeoisie have been let loose, dear worst-reader. This weekend in D’dorf was the yearly Gourmet Festival. The entire Königsallee is filled with all kinds of food stands, food trucks, etc., where you can indulge in fine dining galore or examine fancy-built grills. You can even be astonished at a “farmed” yellow fin tuna from Malta that is probably worth a few grand (if not more). Of course, getting to such a festival is the hard part. It begins with the night before and watching Steve McQueen in The Cincinnati Kid. Although not the best film to watch, Ann Margaret is worth every moment–especially her biblical consumption of an apple while lying on a bed in a negligee. After a good nights sleep dreaming about Ann Margaret (or was it Biblical apples) I hopped on my trusty e-bike and before I could even get very far I was stung by a bee that got caught in my shirt. Luckily I was able to get the stinger out before it got too deep. I can’t say that I’m happy to be reminded about how much a bee sting hurts. It’s been a long time since I was stung. I was stung, btw, on my side, just above my hip. Yeah, that smarts extra. And before I forget. If you ever happen to make it to this street festival, steer clear from the fancy stand with the colourful, luscious olives. We bought two bags of olives and some incredible tasting dried tomatoes. It cost us more than thirty friggin Euros. But that’s the Königsallee for ya.

-Rant on


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