Careerists In Sports And How Well Does The Ball Roll Over US?

For-thought: The Ruled

It’s not so much about the rulers anymore, dear worst-reader. You know, the kings and queens, the tsars, the CEOs, the patriarchal, the parents… tennis umpires–and how they rule over you/us. No. It is instead about those so willing to be ruled. As though adhering to your place in life, as well as on the court, was never an issue. Considering the state of things–politically, anabolically and child-rearingly–it is a wonder that anything happens without an umpire sitting atop (us). Or? For they/we are, indeed, lusting to be ruled. Am I wrong? Just look at any #Trump rally. Or even watch a tennis grand slam. Those #MAGA (again again again) hats, those t-shirts, the redneck puss dripping from the dead souls wanton of willful ignorance–is this not a horde of useless eaters yearning to be ruled yet playing “professional” tennis as though it weren’t a game? Serena Williams is also ruled, don’t you know. She’s ruled by ignorance (and not at all hysteria). Yes, be ruled. And when you don’t like it blame the ruler (umpire) and throw in some sexism because you can or because your steroids have worn off.

Moving on.

Serena Williams’ mistake in the debacle that hopefully will be known as the grand slam that finally got her off the court can be worst-summarised thus: she not only made it personal with her umpire attack but she also–like the child-mind she obviously is–convoluted the mess (of her making) by bringing up women’s rights–and let’s not forget human procreation. Such a thing can only come from a rich, spoiled, dead-soul American mind–not unlike that which has given the beginning of this century #Americant. Ironically, Serena’s behaviour is the same behaviour that can only culminate in Trump-land. It’s also the same with most reality TV, WWE, and, of course, greed mongering republicans, Neo-liberals, etc., and those who simply can’t face the reality (which is the reason for so much conspiracy-theory ranting and raving of last twenty years or so) of what they’ve allowed their country to become. Or is this just an issue of race, gender, baby-making and bad umpiring? Yes/no? The problem is with the near-future dystopia we’re all suffering in right now, there is a whole group of really, really influential rich but also really stupid people that have somehow, through some illbegotten means, never graduated–mentally!–beyond grade-school. Could this be the never-grow-up syndrome of #Americant spoiled-rotten-ism manifest in the demise of the presidency, material über-wealth and where the likes of pu$$y grabbing galore means there is no seeing through to… truth, justice and the land of free to be stupid?

The sad part is, I started to lose interest in Tennis–especially women’s tennis–when the Williams sisters got their grove on. How long has Serena dominated now? Twenty years? Nomatter. Obviously Serena and her sister are tremendous athletes and their skills on the court well-learned. But whenever Serena’s personality seeped into the limelight above and beyond the court, I couldn’t help but cringe. Oh lord, I thought. Here we go again. Yet another child-brain in the body of an adult that can hit the ball really hard and fast and precise. And it speaks, don’t you know. It speaks and grunts (on the court) loudly. But the things she says, the things that come out of her child-brain! They’re bad for the sport, I thought. Serena’s bickering on the court was always about Serena–not the game. Her history of sore losing is obvious, best exemplified in her most recent loss. But wait! Stop the presses. How’s this for a worst-thought that may or may not explain her stupidness? While breastfeeding she probably can’t fill up on all those chemical enhancers that may or may not have partaken in her having such a rough first child birth–at thirty-seven. Yeah, going cold-turkey can cause you to lose a game against an opponent almost twenty years your junior.

In the 2018 Women’s US Open final Serena was so outclassed by Osaka that a tantrum is all that remains. Compared to the antics and hilarity of John McEnroe (my all-time fav tennis player, btw), Serena Williams’ recent uproar turned my stomach. Her subsequent post-game press conference made things even worse. She oozes a form of arrogance and disingenuousness that is appalling, if not downright cringe-worthy. That she mixed her tantrum with the issue of women’s rights and claiming that she doesn’t need to cheat because of her daughter… Whaaaaaa the fcuk are you talking about über-athlete bimbo? Shut the fcuk up and play with your racket and ball–even if you’re gonna lose. Either that or, hey, third-grade-mind tennis professional, read a fcuking book, why don’t you. Her attack on the umpire where she called him a liar and a thief and then demanded an apology was preposterous but fitting of a recessed, regressive child-mind. Approaching the end of her career, after all these years, you’d think she’d learned the slightest amount of decorum with which to exit the game. But no. Not this level of #Americant money making. Instead, Serena doubled down and gave the world her “fake”, made-up claims, not unlike President Stupid who paved the way for what should be mindful attacks on real sexism.

Go away krappy careerist, monotone athletes. You’ve never inspired through your abilities but instead ONLY through admiration for your bank accounts.

Rant on.


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