Correspondance: Money Laundering

Re: Canada Real Estate China

Dear Old Friend,

FYI, I can’t access the article you sent because 1) I use adblockers at the client level and 2) I use adblockers at the DNS level  ( But I was able to read the title of the article and the first few lines—which is all one needs when one reads fake news, right? And so…

Ah. Money launder(ing). Yes. Let’s go there, shall we. It’s been so long since we’ve toyed with your favourite Trump et al. 

Fortunately (or not) Marx indirectly addressed the issue of money laundering almost two hundred years ago. He wrote chapter after chapter analysing criminal activity that is the ultimate outcome for non-capitalists thinking they are capitalists. On a side note: perhaps that’s where Mark Twain got his infamous quote: “Americans all think they are just millionaires down on their luck.” Anywho. The amount of money laundering (criminal activity) that has taken place in our lifetime correlates perfectly to Marx’s theory. In short, Capitalism, once its reached its fail-upward nadir but is still emboldened by BELIEVERS (#Americants), it gladly and willingly enables those BELIEVERS with FEELINGS that they’ve actually accomplished something. As this process (these FEELINGS) self-perpetuate through generations—the proverbial scrapping what one can from the system is all that’s left. Hence money laundering. Marx knew, as Capitalism inevitably milks the cow to the hilt and there’s no productivity left, and there’s also no capability to work (as in PRODUCE) a way out of any of the extreme oscillations (of Capitalism), that Capitalists will then seek to marginalise those who actually think they do or have done something (with their measly lives). Oh well it works, eh. The reality is, though, most have done nothing because, well, …fiat money/value based on interest rates from non-productive activity e.g. real-estate, truly is the end of the line. 

Ain’t it obvious why so many love Trump?


Hey Tom,

Why not get your head unstuck from that treadmill of idiocy you are so fascinated with and check this out.  Fun stuff to read / see.  Learn how to launder billions under the communist government in china and the laissez faire capitalist of the west.

Your Old Friend

Subject: Canada real estate China

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