Forgiven If Only Once

Subtitle: How I came to coin The Land of The Free To Be Stupid.

Bet you’re curious where I got that from, eh worst-reader? But don’t worry. It’s more than just stupid begets stupid. And. Don’t worry more: you don’t owe me a nickel every time you use what worstwriter has coined as your mind goes through the rigamarole of continuing to avoid the obvious. Indeed. The land of free to be stupid is from having learned back in suburban hell #Americant, and having gone to make-you-even-stupider High School, that for certain things done, forgiveness or absolution is only available once. That’s right. The adage: three strikes you’re out… Doesn’t apply to the politics at hand. That’s what makes me better than you, dear worst-reader. That’s what makes little old moi, the dude that jumped ship, the expat-galore living the/a high life without having to resort to petite bourgeois tendencies of not facing (my) demons, so so so so much better than…

Get this: the vid (above) and the corresponding newz link (below) have one thing in common that all #Americants have in common. That’s right. The most important issue and/or subject matter that is the current iteration of politics is not ever mentioned. Curious as to what that is? Well here you go: as bad as socialism for the rich is, as bad as republican and/or conservative politics one-upping Dubya Disp$hit Bush, etc., none of it is half as bad as those who make it all possible. While Trump, progressive news casts, or dysfunctional newz reporting, the one thing that is NEVER mentioned is the true cause of it all. That’s right, dear worst-reader. It’s not just Trump. It’s not just Dems and/or Repubs. And it most certainly ain’t the fake newz galore. The thing never mentioned is the people that make it all happen. That’s right. The regular folk. The folk that think they can think. The doers of all evil doings. Spoiled rotten #Americants that lost their way. Which brings me full circle to the title of this post. For certain things done, there is no forgiveness! That’s why I learned back in the 80s, after my first ever vote, that I would never again vote for a republican. And to this day I never have. Nor have I ever voted for anyone or any party that enables what republicans stand for. As bad as Dems are, in my life time (1963+) there is no precedence where they have pursued politics of a nature that would give rise to Bush, the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, and now Trump–and of course, Faux Newz. And please: no both-siderism bull$hit! And so…

Of all the magnanimous, delightful, shinny #Americants that complain about losing hold on any claim to a living standard and/or alleviating the threat of personal bankruptcy due to what is virtually a scam-based economy and social system that they seem to love more than anything, I can only ask this question: how many of you have voted republican in the last forty years? I haven’t voted for a republican since 1982–my first ever vote! Indeed. Never again. Which means I have earned my own forgiveness. So while you’all are out there trying to figure out your both-siderism and why you’re so fcuked–first try and tear yourself away from the TV of your WWE life. Oh. And. Before I forget: Fcuk you!

Rant on.


Link that is worth reading cause it, along with vid (above) helped motivate this post:

  • GM doing what GM does because, well, #Americants, deep down, being so stupid, want it that way |

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