Pontification Galore (Or Maybe Not)

Dear Old Friend, 

Let me know more of the #Americant reality that is dictated by lust for fictionalised (regurgitated?) truth. I think this is also referred to as the/a mental distortion field. A common place, indeed, dear old friend. Of course. I could be wrong on account I actually liked Steve Jobs. You know, the one who invented the distortion field. Even though I would have declined sharing drugs with him. Yet. Who in the middle-classes of the #Americant Empire that thinks s/he have achieved, that they’ve “earned”, is not blinded by this distortion field? You and and your favourite people, dear old friend, the Haves and the Have-Mores, the Trump makers, and their willingness for debt-peonage, suckle the golden (biblical) calf never knowing who or what will come of it. All there is is NOT Trump but what results in Trump. Even the article sent, the very old fake news article from the other day, won’t wake anyone up or serve any other purpose. Reason? Everyone has partaken in making it happen—especially if all you own is debt. And so. There’s only interest rates, bank accounts, taxes—and those who must suffer at the behest of the distortion field players. To add to my unoriginality: it’s hilarious that no one is out on the street protesting. But then again, how can those who are the problem actually face it? What an ugly task indeed to fight the fight and then only realise that you are nothing but the glue that holds Trump’s hair together. 

None the less. Thanks for the link. I guess. 

Best wishes, old friend.

Rant on.


Hi Tom,

Read this and weep you pseudo-Marxist cocksucker that left the shitshow and now think you can just call us all idiots.


Pontificate that baby!

Your old Friend

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