Please: French Revolution V 2.0 But Without The Beheadings (Unless You Must)

I suppose in another life I’d be yelling… burn the fcuking place down. But I’m getting to old for that sort of thing. Or am I? Obviously the world is at a tipping point. I’m glad France is leading the way around that point. Reason? Stupid, ugly, disgusting vomit in the form of rich white-people–who have inherited all their wealth and done nothing to earn it–are once again at the antics that their recent ancestors passed on to them. You know, greed galore, tribalism galore, let the pöbel and riffraff go too far protesting austerity and tax increases and then we’ll (stupid rich white people) step in  and either make them all die in a huuuuuge wars–probably wearing helmets in the shape of #Trump’s piss-hair–or just to put them all in the eternal jail of consumer-to-survive hell. You know, as it’s always been done in order to keep greed going. 

Vive la France!

Link that motivated this post: 

  • (Note on this link. This is a great solution to the woes of greed-monger Interwebnet content providers. This is a text only link of an article that is the result of declining NPR’s website from turning me into a product. More on that here.) 

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