Inverted Wag The Dog Vs. Inverted-Inverted Illiberalism

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Screenshot of a word that applies to President Stupid’s antics?

One of the worst things about trying to follow politics, especially follow the joke that is politics in my beloved & missed #Americant, is how so many otherwise rational thinking people lose their $hit when they think there is a light at the end of a tunnel (for their politics) but instead what they are really seeing is just another banner-ad stuck in a pixel of whatever mind-monitor they’re glued to that tells them what they think they want to hear (or see). Take for example the likes of Jimmy Dore. Talk about an anti-Limbaugh wannabe run-amok! That is, I always wanted there to be a anti-Limbaugh voice and to this day there isn’t one. But nice try Jimmy Dore. Congrats-fcuk-u-lations for almost getting there.

Jimmy Dore is a pretty funny albeit new-form political comedian slash commentarian–who wouldn’t be where he is today–NOT as a comedian but instead as a talking-head–thanks to that whole Jon Stewart slash TV political satire krapp that I’ve completely missed as I jumped shipped back in the  late 80s. But I’ll give credit where it’s due: Dore is a whipper-snapper whiz-dude doing a heck of a job with the Interwebnets, online channels, digital appearances, talking-head-ness, etc. I came across Dore through a liberal online news network called TYT. They all help me keep tabs across the Atlantic. With that in mind, I’m not one to totally reject all of mainstream media, including Rachel Maddow and sometimes a bit of CNN–which the likes of Dore is always getting-on about–which also brings me back to smart-asses who think they have (all) the answer(s).

The problem is, as I listen to US liberalism through the interwebnets I eventually realize that I can only listen to them for a limited time. Unlike Limbaugh & Co, i.e. conservatives, where there is clarity in my contempt for them, I can actually listen to liberals (and sometimes Independent-types) a bit longer before they obviously lose their $hit. And trust worst-moi, they all lose their $hit eventually. But there’s also the problem of being a pseudo-edumacated smart-ass that eventually really, really turns my stomach. Make a few observations, draw an opinion, try to be rational (liberal), but don’t go overboard–like the right has gone overboard. For example. It’s very easy–even for rational thinking people like Dore–to get lost in the ether of his politics. I think this is often referred to as a bubble. You know, love it or hate it–which translates to stupid or smart–politics is where it is because, well, the smart-asses are the ones that enable it. Wait. Let me try to put that another way.

As I’ve worst-said in this worst-blog, I’m a #Trump and republican despiser. In fact, I’m thoroughly disgusted with the idear that such a privileged, under-achieving piece of man-child $hit could become president of the/my united mistakes of #Americant. But then again, I thought the same of Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush and George W Bush.  Notice what/who is missing in that list of Presidents? But don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I’m in a love-orgy for Bill Clinton or Barry-O or Hillary. With that in mind, I have been a “liberal” all my adult life. But my liberalism is not about any individual or group. Liberal, as opposed to conservative, is a way of thinking/mindset that need not be broken up into confusing parts as conservatives have done with Libertarians, Independents, tea-partiers or those in anyway sympathetic to the repugnance of #Trump and his antics. And so…

It’s time to stop listening to Jimmy Dore for this simple reason–he’s become an enabler. In the video (linked below), Dore goes out of his way to NOT criticise President Stupid for being… you guessed it….

That is, Jimmy Dore actually thinks–because his personal bubble tells him so–that President Stupid is doing something good with his recent Syria troop withdrawal. In fact, Dore even praises the rich-shit-jerk-wadd as only a illiberal can. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? That such praise has anything to do with the economically-conscripted troop deployments is, at best, a totally mute issue. Or do some actually think that such a move will in anyway impact the social and political devastation that is the past seventeen-plus years of Orwellian perpetual war? Indeed. Not unlike Chris Hedges use of the term Inverted Totalitarianism, Dore is doing the same by inverting the wag-to-dog scenario. In other-other words, the only reason President Stupid is doing such a thing is so that he can control the narrative. Pulling economically-conscripted troops out of one war-theatre won’t do a thing to end the whole $hit-show that is 21st century #Americant–that still lives off of 18th and 19th century ills.

Jimmy Dore only proves that narrative is everything.

What Dore needs to focus on with his mix of pseudo-humour and political commentary is #Americant. That’s where the real fight is. He needs to focus on the 30-50 (give or take 10 or 20) million people–THE BASE–that are the bubble-ized, brain-dead, greed-mongers who benefit from a system run amok. Start making fun of the trailer trashers and those on there verge of getting their new trailer. They’re the problem. Run through your trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill while you’re at it. Forget party this or party that. You’ve wasted enough breath on Hillary already. Figuring out what’s wrong and who broke it is not rocket science. Indeed. There’s a whole world of Oprah-stupid, Ellen-stupid, reality-TV-stupid, WWE, and all those Americans in airports and parking lots and malls online or not, etc. By allowing #Trump to control the (his) narrative, Dore has lost the fight. Although, to be honest, Dore’s efforts at demonising the Democratic party–as bad and corrupt as it is–kinda lost me a while back anyway.

Perhaps there is something to the idiom: pick your battles. Anywho.

My only hope is that more and more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s will trickle up through the cracks–even though Dore has also criticised her since her election–and she hasn’t even taken office yet. Wow. And so it goes in…


Rant on.


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