There Is Nothing Above Or Below, There Is Only Left Or Right

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Screenshot from link below.

Don’t you love it, dear worst-reader? Don’t you love it when those who think they know try to convince you of their all-knowing with fancy charts and other thingies? Good thing worst-writer is here, eh? I mean, when I try to counter the all-knowing of know-it-alls the only thing you can expect is all-things-worst. But I die-gress. Take for example the article (linked below) from a website I frequent. Someone writing for the Daily Kos likes to convolute the issue of right and left by adding a second dimension to it–or as they like to put it, helping one sort through labels. But get this. Is adding UP and DOWN to RIGHT and LEFT the same as adding a second dimension? Nomatter. Worst-writer concluded years ago that the political left and right ain’t all that difficult to comprehend so there is no need to complicate it–unless, of course, you’re one of them over-edumacated college grads with nothing better to do. Also, there’s no need to add extra complication to anything regarding politics RIGHT or LEFT, especially if you don’t understand it in the first place and thereby require labels. I learned this, by-the-buy, from reading Rush Limbaugh’s first book–many, many years ago. Right after reading that I read Howard Stern’s first book. But, again, nomatter. As you can see in the screenshot of the chart above, someone thinks that you can actually put Stalin to the left of centre as long as he’s also labelled authoritarian. What a crock-of-$hit! But here’s the real worst-thing to help worst-readers less convolute the issue. From the chart above all you have to do is move all names from above the line to the RIGHT and then do the same for the names below the line but move them to the LEFT. Also, LIBERTARIAN is not the opposite of AUTHORITARIAN–so the maker of the graph go that waaaay wrong. The  thing is, dear worst-reader, the RIGHT is authoritarian and the LEFT is hippy. Why the extra labels? Ain’t that clear enough? Then again, there are lot of over-edumacated college grads with not enough to do. But that’s the not the kicker for this worst-post. The kicker is this: there are people out-and-about who think labelling is the answer. Well, didn’t worst-writer just prove that wrong? If not, am I wrong because I’m trying to get my fancy on and hang-out with the over-edumacated? Indeed. Labels suck. But more important, heed this: the RIGHT is authoritarian and libertarian. The Left, that’s right, is just HIPPY.

Rant on.


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