Ah, The Days Of Padding…

Yeah, I padded a resume once (or thrice). Who didn’t back in the day when the West was still ramping up its globalisation guns and aiming them at the working-stiffs still sucker enough to think the 1990s DotCom boom was gonna bring anything more than a cocktail as departure from (life and) work(force). Hence I’ve been in early, forced retirement since my mid-40s–mostly on account I couldn’t deal with the bull$hit of padders galore. But enough about worst-moi. And get this: The first time I padded a resume it was at the behest of a manger (or vice president-type) I was working for. Go figure.

“Just butter it up,” she said.

So I did. I think I padded something in my academic history about having almost gotten a PHD. No. Wait. It was my work history where I admitted to failing (but learning) about how to serve Kings & Queens as long as they don’t ask me to kneel. Or maybe not. Yeah. I knelt a bit too much back in the day. Glad that’s all behind worst-moi, eh.

Padding, lying and jimmying is not just an #Americant #Trump phenomenon, dear worst-reader. No. #Eurowastelanders are great at it, too. And so. It’s so fitting that yet another useless-eating college grad wannabe incapable of original thought or gesture, must go the way of the norm.

Btw, at least I learned from my padding history that there is a time when the lying just doesn’t cut it anymore. And now that people like the one mentioned in the linked article (below) are showing their true, useless face(s), I’m sitting here on my a$$ in early and über-comfortable retirement… laughing all the way to the couch-bank.

Rant on.


This comment motivated by/via Shocker: Acting AG Whitaker Seems To Have Padded His Resumé | Crooks and Liars

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