Birthday In Pics

An almost moonlight river cruise… cruising by as I walk Beckett the killer pug. A few hours earlier, walking the same damn useless mut, I was wondering if a river port/harbour lost a buoy. Losing a buoy might not be such an oddity as the river’s been rising like a monster in the last few days. The monster might as well steal a buoy or two–or? Wait. Did I mention this is the second buoy I’ve seen recently? And remember: these rivers flow only in one direction, which means the one I saw previosuy might have been the first of many…? Nomatter. I eventually got back to my worst-kitchen-chores to get on with the evening cookin’ preps. Oh. Before I 4-get. That cake is a blackforest cherry cake from this morning and it’s pretty damn awesome and my better half made it even though she complained that I failed to get the right amount of cream when she sent me shopping the other day. I told her liked it better with less cream. She’s not amused. Shame I’m on such a lingering, challenging diet.

Rant on.


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