Getting Rid Of The Stupid, The (Internal) Ugly, The Disgusting…

Maybe I’m a little confused with all the left-wing information I consume-to-survive. I mean, seriously. It’s so hard for even a rational worst-mind to follow minuscule amounts of right-wing stuff. Especially when that stuff is supposed to be left but in fact is just part of the/a right-wing bubble. So why bother? On the other hand, a recent interview with an #Americant Democratic Senator that got her butt whipped in last Novembers mid-terms by a republican ($hitbag), leaves me perturbed to the point of…

Ok. I’m back. Let me just finish wiping the flambé of puke-rest from my cheeks and ear lobes.

McCaskill’s response to her loss is truly shocking. As if the world of left-wing rationals needed more proof of how dysfunctional the status quo of the Democratic party is. Or have you forgotten the brilliant DNC leaks from 2016 via Wikileaks and the master of truth telling: Julian Assange? Still. With that in mind. McCaskill’s obvious racist retort to her loss is beyond flabbergasting. Which means this also goes beyond PARTY affiliation–which is probably the reason such a person can be elected, utilising Democrat credentials, albeit in a state like $hitkicking MO. Oh how deep the bitterness must go to be relegated by politics to nothing more than a fly-over state of right-wing $hitkickers. But before I get too off subject…

And so.

As a half-white male that turns fifty-five today, I couldn’t be more proud of the like of MOC. I’m also a bit tickled that so many (or the few) I’m still in contact with don’t like MOC. This one little speck of wisdom is proof that worst-writer is more than right most of the time about how my beloved & missed #Americant simply has to move ALL politics to the left for the next Dozen or so presidential and mid-term elections. The left (progressive or not) is the only way to bring #Americant back to the future. Indeed. Move things left. And I say that even though it’s too late for me (and those older than me) but there’s still a chance for MOC’s generation.

Good luck and get rid of all stupid, ugly, disgusting white people on the right and left.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:

PS The reason for providing youtube video titles instead of links is because I don’t always want videos embedded in my posts. Maybe I have to talk to WordPress about how they codify such links.

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