How Bout A Bit Of Cockup In Your Brexit

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Disclaimer: This post contains purposefully mispelt adult language.

What is Brexit really about (according to worst-writer)? Well, get this, dear worst-reader. Like everything else going on in this day & age of all-things-worst, the thing Brexit is really about is simple–even though the whole debate going on for the last few years has been more confusing than a monarchs detestable bloodline. The entirety of Brexit is about money. Seriously. It’s about nothing else. In fact, at this juncture in The West, everything that is wrong–and all is wrong, if not worst–is about money. Of course, how does one or a nation get money–if there ain’t none left? Now that’s a bit more complicated. To keep things simple: we’re literally at the beginning of the end of Capitalism run amok–just like it once ran amok not so long ago (history repeat). So the real question is: compared to the last time Capitalism lost its $hit and mankind resorted to his most base and banal reaction to deal with it, what will happen this time?

What is it that drives (motivates) all the hate and bigotry in the world? The answer is easy: Money. How does one consolidate all that hate and bigotry with the vastness and power of money? That is, attach it all to being human? If you are thinking Greed? You might be right–in another universe. So here’s the problem: Greed is too open, too plain to see, too out there from the shadows. Indeed. So the real culprit in understanding something that makes the world rotten and sick and putrid… Think Populism. Let the rich and powerful turn over their ills and misdeeds to Das Volk. Pride them (Das Volk) a bit with their nationalism, their skin colour, their tax rates, the cost of living, etc., and BANG! Das Volk will oblige. The flames of anger and frustration can be fed, fed, fed (as in your favoured Federal Reserves is off the hook).

The financial leaders of The West have been plying this deal for decades now. It’s all nothing more than payback from a generation or two ago that are still angry (even from their graves) about how so-called liberalism or democracy stole their wealth–as they bankrupted the $hitshow leading up to the The Great Depression. And so, since the 1970s the steam roller has rolled over you–steered from their grave(s). You probably didn’t notice it on account the steam has been so soothing–and you’ve been working like the schmuck you are so a bit of heat in your worn muscle is welcoming. In fact, it’s probably felt something like rape that has become legal, commonplace, wanted and, of course… grabbed by the pu$$y.

I laugh. I laugh at the participants. They amuse me because, well, I saw it all coming. I didn’t see it in a smart-ass way, though. You know, like college grads see it. No. I saw it in a humble-bumble snarky kind of way where I didn’t just say things but I acted and I wasn’t about to be played in/by this $hitshow. So I jumped shipped. I expat-ed. Mind you, I didn’t go to where the grass is greener. I just went to where greed/green isn’t a singularity dominating the colour of life, money and being raped.

As usual, before I get too far off subject.

Watching and reading about Brexit and the British parliamentary vote last night amused me to no end. Where the #Americants project their freedom-to-be-stupid through the idiocy of the Republican Party (big shout-out to all you a$$holes that still believe both sides do it–cause they don’t) and the dysfunction of government manifest in President Stupid with his piss-hair, the British still hold true to that fcuking accent that only reminds worst-moi why/how there should be so much more hate & bigotry in the world that frees humanity from the abject idiocy of monarchies and hereditary rule. So fcuk-u Brits with your fictional Constitution-Monarchy bull$hit! That Britain is even considered a democracy (in a world where democracy is but a joke) is bad enough. Their Queen krapp and those fcuking weddings that only ripen the rotting blood that is the legacy of King-Kiss-My-Ass

Brexit is what happens when the flames of populism are fanned while a system of failing-upwards creeks in and around Euro meadows and moats with pitchforks, axes and hoes. And not one of the fools creeping around knows he’s being played, don’t you know. Which raises another question: Even though most Western countries are in a similar political and economic situation as Engaland, why is the incestuous island’s situation so much more vile? Well, here is yet another worst-writer simple answer: While the incestuous island tries to exit the deal because it’s can’t compete (economically), no one is looking at the chasm that has forever existed between Germanic and Anglo pseudo-brethren. That’s right. As it’s always been, Engaland and its powers-that-be are forever afeared of the power of a united continent, especially one united under the guise of Germania and, perhaps, the Franks, Gauls, Celtics, etc., some of which rightfully slaughtered their Monarchs. With that in mind, fcuk-u Citizen Louis Capet! And remember: The last best thing Eurowasteland ever did was get rid of Louis XVI. Now do the same with all the a$$hole monarchs and monarch-followers, for goodness sake. Let humanity live. Or maybe not.

Rant on.


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