The Many More Layers Of Bad That Can Still Be Peeled Away

The ghosts of all the LOL I expelled from my person that night as I counted the electoral college numbers Election Day November 2016, surround me still. For don’t you know, dear worst-reader, my giggles are not out of spite but instead out of tear-jerk-laughter. Oh yes my fellow and bereaved #Americant brethren. You are truly a nation-state of Stupid. But then again, what else could you do? I mean, so few of you could have joined me as I jumped ship so long ago (1989). As you thought you were basking in the glory of pre-#MAGA, I watched the #Americant ship sail on in the grimy waters of the greed $hitshow whose wake is still fuming. With that in mind, should I have empathy for those who have chosen to live pay-check to pay-check and are just now figuring out how their politics have made it so? Fcuk no! I’m also just now LOLing as I once did as I became man-over-board. Indeed. It is more silent, more subdued, less howling. But LOLing it is all the same. And get this. What I figured out that night when #Trumpism was elected by the many of #Americant, was not the disgust that he represents. No. What I have long since figured out is the simple fact that he is a facade. He is a coat worn. He is a shape-shifter of misery with an ugly smile and even uglier hair. And that’s not all. While the dunces dance and giggle around their debt and inability to pay for it, the real owners are basking in the glory of having duped EVERYONE–with their #Trump. President Stupid is just the curtain, don’t you know. You’ve yet to be shown the real show. But it’s coming. It coming as you struggle now to cause others that are only slightly more fortunate than you to have to dig deep into their coffers to prevent you from gathering a pitcfork–not to fight The Man but to continue the fight with your neighbours. You know… brother can you spare a dime? And if you can’t, why is it you have so much more than me but we all work/live/shame in the same nothingness? Since the powers-that-be, the owners, have tapped out everything else and gotten away with it toot-sweet over the last forty or fifty years, they’re now tap-tapping into what’s left. Which means, those living pay-check to pay-check will probably have to tap into their parents savings. You know, the parents (boomer generation?) that took everything and in their mean-time created faux-newz and Limbaugh. Yeah. So be mad at your #Trump and his disgusting hair and his mushroom cock as you hit the new & improved soup kitchens. You deserve him and have earned him and now it’s time to do to your parents what they’ve done to you. Indeed. There’s still one generation liquid with cash that can be milked. And milked it will be! All that’s needed is to just make kids suffer a bit more.

Rant on.


via Shutdown Exposes How Many Americans Live Paycheck to Paycheck

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