Still Not Enough (Knowledge) To Go Round

Earned vs. un-earned income? Ain’t that the ticket this dreary Monday, dear worst-reader? Either that or it might be finally time to hand in the towel–as opposed to throw in the towel. Wait. Maybe we (you know, rational thinking humanoids) have already been handed the towel. Or has the towel been taking away? Enough about towels.

Search the following in that silly video-tube site:

davos 2019 MIT professor taxes*

If you’re as lucky as I was, your search will yield a video that is shocking. But is it shocking for all the wrong/worst reasons? In the video a somewhat motivated Washington Post business and/or economics reporter asks a question regarding the current discussion in the united mistakes of #Americant about marginal tax rates being hiked in order to mend the ills of capitalism run amok. This marginal tax hike, by-the-buy, has been brought into the main stream media by a newly elected politician known as AOC. Since such a political and economic idear totally confuses most of what my beloved & missed #Americants can fathom, on account it’s about making un-earning rich people pay a bit more so as to not force so many stupid-people to be, well, you guessed it, (politically) stupider than rocks substituted for ice in a whiskey glass.

Although most will think that the billionaire who the young WP reporter poses her question to is the worst part of the video–for his response is truly appalling considering the state of capitalism today–he’s actually not the worst. The most shocking thing is the young woman posing the question. Then again, if she works for WP and went to #Americant college to get the/her job, then it’s no wonder that she poses questions as though she got it from the cover an über-sugared cereal box. These are the future, dear worst-reader. These young people are as stupid as the previous generation that failed to close the flood-gates of stupid that gives way to the like billionaires that think they would be the ones–and only they–to do what they wish/will with all the money in the world that is now becoming, surely, un-earned but well kept.

Rant on.


Links the motivated this post:

*I’m trying to avoid posting links and/or embedding videos in my posts.

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