No. Seriously. Bought Because Of The Name.



Another subversive purchase by my better half. Most of these purchases are regrettable–except for the purses and shoes, of course. When it comes to electronics, though, she slips one in there every once-a-once that is a doozy. This Roomba, iRobot, fancy-pants vacuum cleaner, for instance. After just over two years of use, it has proved itself worthy of frivolous consume-to-survive hot-wife choices. The only problem with such a device is that’s most certainly not hand-free. Not only does it require regular care–as in emptying its tiny residue holder. But it also requires regular maintenance of its fancy moving parts–of which there are a few. Once you get the hang of that, making sure you have a regular supply of replacement parts, it’s a piece of cake household appliance. Heck I’ve even dropped it on my couch to let it sweep-up dog hair–on account, well, it’s actually the dog’s couch. Oh yeah, worst-writing of dog hair. The scooping rollers underneath this thing are especially good at picking up dog hair–or even my better-half’s thick, blonde, Germania hair. But then there’s the bumbling, ditzy way it bumps into everything. I remember one day filling up on wine and just letting this thing go for a while. You know, as a form of stress relief. How mesmerising it is, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. I stared at it for an hour which then culminated in the following question: who programs this krapp? Then it got stuck in a tight place and couldn’t get out. (See vid above.) How is that possible? How does it get in such a place but then can’t get out? I’ve also come home and it was stuck underneath a toilet bowl. I mean, it couldn’t get itself unstuck? And there’s all the cable entanglements. That’s why, usually before every start, I make sure there’s not loose on the floor. Although it’s supposed to know how to avoid things like loose cables, it doesn’t know anything. There are, in fact, quite a few things you have to get out of its way for it to work. It would probably be best if any room where it’s supposed to work would just be empty. But. Then again. All-in-all, just letting this thing do what it does, especially when you’re out and about, i.e. not in the house mesmerised by it, it’s pretty cool. And the battery is still going strong, too. Yeah. Gee. This was a worthwhile purchase. So it gets a worst-writer recommendation.

Rant and consume on.


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