Generation Zero At The Helm Of #Americant

Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 15.58.45
Governor of VA looking around for a place to dance??? Whaaaaa?

Don’t quite know where to turn, dear worst-reader? Well, get a load of this. What’s becoming clearer and clearer to worst-moi is how the so-called baby-boomer generation is starting to show its true face. You know, that face of Stupid-Galore. Seriously. For most of my useless-eater adult life, I’ve always blamed conservatives and, of course republicans and the approximately thirty to fifty million base of what’s left of the middle class for the ills of my beloved & missed #Americant. That group is the true greed-monger-monster, don’t you know. Yet, if President Stupid’s electoral college election means anything, it’s this: as the other side should rise-up to the occasion, separating itself from the ills and miss-wills of political conservatism, it hasn’t been delivering. Don’t get me wrong, though, dear worst-reader. I’m not a both-sider-ist. The democrats aren’t or the Democrat party ain’t the problem. If/when I vote, though, I never vote republican or third-party. Reason? Unlike many of the so-called progressives, I don’t believe that change (to the system) can come from with-out. In other worst-words, the change that’s needed has to come from with-in. In fact, all that need be done, even if the process is as slow as the Republicans have done it with their right-wing bat$hittery for the past thirty to forty years (more?), the same has to happen to Democrats. With that in mind, post President Stupid’s electoral college election hasn’t brought out the best or the brightest. Then again, maybe the reason there’s no best or brightest is on account they’re all just f’n stupid. Case in point: did you get a view of how the governor of VA handled himself recently for wearing blackface in the 1980s? I’m don’t mean how he handled himself because of his inherent racism. I mean, hell, he’s from VA! I loved in that f’n state for a few years. It’s full of so much stupid that…. Wait. I’m off subject. What I’m trying to get at here is that moment during a press conference where this idiot, this man-child of the mind, this person that is obviously incapable of ration thought, actually considered–heck, he even looked around for a spot to do it–demonstrating that it’s ok to wear blackface, dress-up like Michael Jackson, and then dance the f’n moonwalk.

Search: “northam press moonwalk” if you want to see it. Pic above is screenshot from the moment.

You know, dear worst-reader, I started to actually question the validity of an entire generation when this guy looked around for a place to dance. Yeah. Sure. That’s right, baby. Could it be that the entire baby-boomer generation, nomatter the political affiliation, is actually made up of a bunch of f’n morons? I mean, a democratic governor of a pretty important united-mistakes-state, actually considered proving to a reporter that he can… moonwalk. Luckily his wife knew how stupid her husband is and she stopped him. But the damage is done, eh. At least it’s done for worst-moi. Indeed. The entire baby-boomer generation (of which I’m on the tale-end, i.e. born 1963) is a generation of stupider than all stupid.

Wow. Go figure.

Rant on.


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