The Eating Of Themselves

kronos eating his son
Kronos. What the rich and powerful are really up to.

As I may or may not have worst-written before, the only thing great–as in #MAGA–about my beloved & missed #Americant having turned itself into The Land of Free To Be Stupid, where greed has most certainly extended exponentially the fail-upwardness of the race-to-the bottom, is watching the rich eat itself. I mean, what else can you call it, dear worst-reader? Or am I the only one to remember President Stupid’s–then candidate–promise to clean the swamp? In fact, he’s done quite the opposite, don’t you know. Yeah. Sure. I also never thought you could turn a swamp into a river of slime. Speaking of slime. Did you get a load of that bald Doctor Evil whipper-snapper’s appearance in front of congress the other day? What’s his name? Whitaker? Boy did he steal some of President Stupid’s methods of smart-assery. But let’s not get too far off subject.

I’m not a fan of Amazon. Nor do I think Jeff Bezos is anything special. He is, in fact, just another has-been driven by a certain form of ambition and he was, indeed, in the right place at the right time. Ok. Maybe I’m being too stubborn. I mean, Amazon is an example of the end-times of the tech revolution. It is not in anyway an innovative company, nor has it changed the world. It has simply latched on to technology and thereby bypassed the #Americant middleman principle of business. For you see, if the founders of Walmart were smart, they too could have done what Amazon did. But. Again. I’m off subject.

Credit to Bezos is given, though. He is a filthy rich dude and he got that way through the new & improved #Americant acumen: compulsion. With that in mind, I actually feel for the guy a bit with the recent revelations that he, like so many other men, is basically driven by nothing except his cock. And to think that AMI, the parent company of yellow-newz-galore, has dick-pics from him…. I don’t know if I should laugh my a$$-off or give a thought or three to that former congressman Anthony Wiener who was just as stupid to send pics of his dick to some bimbo. I mean, come on, dear worst-reader. I’m into naked chicks. Boobs are a great to gawk at–especially if you need to rub one out. Goodness knows the Interwebnets has more than fulfilled its role in that realm. But to actually take a picture of my dick and then send it to someone… Whaaaaaaa? How stupid can you be? Or, better put: isn’t that enough proof that Bezos, like so many other rich people, isn’t really rich because of smarts. Indeed. So functions the world of greed and grime and hate and spite and and and….

Then again, after reading Bezos’ blog post where he stands up for himself against the system that made him so rich, I’m actually wishing his form of being an a$$hole lots of luck. In other worst-words, pick your enemies. Of the $hitty rich and privileged that have ruined what was once a great idear (America), maybe its best if we hope that the likes of dick-pic Bezos finally step in and take over the $hitshow.

But I die-gress.

Rant on.


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