How A Vid Interrupted My Constitutional

Trying to get away from posting videos here from that you-know-who video website. Reason? I don’t like WordPress’ use of such links and its mis-direct embedding of the video. Seriously. I’d rather that just the link appeared. Yet in this particular case, I can’t help myself but enjoy what WP conjures. And by-the-buy, while on the $hitter the other morning, reading through the newz on my phone, I came across this video. It is a video, indeed, dear worst-reader, that wakes up that part of me that refuses to get old. (Even though I welcome ageing as a whole process and precursor and prep-show to the ultimate human task: death.) This video that is nothing but a pop-song nightmare is so stunningly beautiful that my first thought was: why do men exist? This is why! I don’t know if it’s the same look these two women have, the same dress (indeed the shades they wear don’t matter) or the art of stylish singing. But the entirety of these un-identical twins performing for money, money, money, etc. as they do, (for that is all a Grammy award is, or?) reminded me of why I get-it-on with women in the first place. It wasn’t to have relations, bear my soul, concoct sympathy by wanting to be the other half of something un-whole (as a human beings are), no! It was because of the passion and lust and physicality I felt when ever a woman I was attracted to came near, nearer, inside me. For the fulfilment of humanity is not procreation, dear worst-reader. No. It is that feeling you get just before you own her or she owns you and suddenly you realise… what a soul is.

Stunning. Stunning. Stunning.

Rant on.


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