How To Bring Silence And Greetings From President Stupid

Yeah, it’s getting hard, dear worst-reader. This expat thing I’m living is indeed a struggle. I mean, it’s bad enough when I travel from #Eurowasteland to remote vacation destinations–you know, for scuba, for sailing lessons, for even more lazy days on a beach with too much sand and those silly little crabs that crawl all over the place, etc.–and I am consistently greeted by Egyptian or Moroccan or Thai airport authorities with smirking questions about why my beloved & missed United Mistakes #Americant, as a tried and untrue passport holder, is travelling on a German airline to…. Yeah, it’s getting tough. Then again, there are moments where I feel somewhat rectified in my life choices of having dumped the burden of living in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. You know, the choices that lead to willingly, wantonly, needly, becoming an expat. Perhaps the days are coming, though, where I don’t have to cringe anymore as my German wife goes through rational passport lines and I’m relegated to the passport lines where they let in… the stupid people. But all is for naught, dear worst-reader. If only I could have attended the recent conference about world safety in Munich. The moment where Vice President Stupid sends greetings from President Stupid is a moment to cherish. In the video you can almost feel the awkwardness in the room. Most certainly Vice President Stupid felt that awkwardness. I mean, I will give the man a bit of credit here–even though I find him just as repulsive as his dear-leader. For you see, dear worst-reader, Mike Pence is just another shitbag, religious nutcase, most surely unable to know/feel the awkwardness of THIS moment. Or? Indeed. For awkwardness among the religious shitbags is probably why they’re religious nutcases in the first place. Remember that this is a man that publicly claimed, because of his belief-system, that he would NEVER dine with a woman unless his wife was with him or there was a chaperon. And so. As we laugh and giggle at the smart people in the room that can see through the mis-politics of #Americant and thereby don’t applaud, let us also recognise that a once great experimental nation-state has regressed back to the middle-ages and is now: LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. And the rational world is not amused.

Rant on.


via PAINFUL: Pence Mentioned Greetings From Trump At A Speech In Munich And Got ZERO Applause | Crooks and Liars

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