Cross Fire Part 2.5 Or So

How many times can a Faux-Newz $hitbag be called-out for being the devil incarnate or, at best, a representative of my beloved & missed #Americant… the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID? I mean, Jon Stewart did a pretty good job of calling out this particular Faux-Newz a$$hole… How many years ago was that? Nomatter. Jon Stewart has sense seen the light and disbanded himself from that which is one of the pillars of my beloved & missed LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID: TV. Does anyone miss Jon Stewart? Fcuk no. But give credit where it’s due. Stewart did kind of start a thing where the $hitbags of #Americant, i.e. republicans and conservatives and, of course, most Neo-liberals, can be called-out for being, well, being $hitbags–on evening pseudo newz programs, aka comedy news shows. With that in mind, why is it that a $hitbag like the Faux-Newz host in the linked article below can survive so long on TV? I mean, is this guy really popular within right-wing ugly circles to have his own show? Is he really that popular? Does he really have an audience? I mean, do actual human beings watch him? Well, of course they do. It’s the land of President Stupid, WWE as a form of not just entertainment but #Americant household interaction of all sorts, etc. Oh. And, let’s not forget: it’s the land #MAGA. And that should say everything. But I don’t suppose that really matters on account I’m sure that most trailer-trash supporters of #Trump and WWE and, of course, #MAGA, only watch any particular Faux-Newz host on account they’ve been brainwashed to do so. That’s how Faux-Newz works, right? That’s how #Americant rolls, eh! Yet, when a Dutch historian is able to call-out a $hitbag Newz host and thereby literally grab him by his ear and drag him across a room because, well, he is the petulant man-child oh-so-deserving… It’s hi-larry-us! No. Seriously. I laughed my a$$ off watching the video. But that’s not what we’re here for. Here’s what we’re here for. How is it that the Dutchman was able to get so far with this Newz host? I mean, was/is the Newz host so clueless about the obvious opposing ideology of a Dutch historian who’s become famous for spewing radical left-wing idears (i.e. taxing the rich) at the most recent Davos meeting? Oh wait. The reactionary, $hitbag, Faux-Newz host, was thinking of some other kind of ideology, right? That’s right. He was trying to take the dialogue somewhere else, don’t you know. Ain’t that the trick, dear worst-reader? I mean, this is where republicans and Faux-Newz make their connections. For you see, dear worst-reader, this Faux-Newz host thought just because his guest is Dutch and a Historian doesn’t mean that he’s also a Marxist–or whatever it is right-wingers in #Americant are calling rational thinking people these days. I mean, if this guy was a radical then Davos certainly wouldn’t have invited him. And perhaps that’s what tricked the Newz host. Or? But that’s not why worst-writer is here either. No. The reason I’m here is because the $hitbag Newz host thought he could align himself. You know, he thought he could get a rational thinking #Eurowastelander to join him in spewing and vomiting right-wing political propaganda, or at best twisting and turning it, that is and has been so anti-human from the get-go. I mean, it’s not about Capitalist (greed-monger) or Marxist (taxer). No. Maybe it’s just about a Dutchman being able to finally, finally, finally put a dumba$$ American in his place. But on that note I die-gress.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post: Video: Tucker Carlson’s Unaired Meltdown After Rutger Bregman Calls Out Fox News

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