The Great #Americant Ruse

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The first few articles and commentaries I read about recent congressional hearing where a convicted liar was interviewed, further extending his fifteen minutes of fame–like so many others in meritless #Americant–had me hooked.

Wow, I thought. This is great stuff.

But then Michael Cohen started talking and talking and talking. Alone that NY accent should be a signal to anyone who is cognitive. Then I thought: is he spilling the beans? That’s when something else hit me.

It’s all a ruse.

As damning as Cohen’s testimony might be, nomatter what he says, it all seems to boil down to one grand issue. Can any of the crimes President Stupid has committed really warrant prosecution? I mean, considering the state of #Americant? If President Stupid is anything, he is most certainly the best representative yet of what my beloved & missed America has become. The reason Paul Manafourt is going to jail is simple. The reason Cohen is going to jail is also simple. The reason they are all connected to #Trump is simple. In fact, President Stupid’s greatest achievement is that he has been able to stay ahead of all the other scammers in the grand scheme that is… the #Americant ruse.

The only way so few #Americants today have anything is because hundreds of thousands if not millions more can’t have anything thanks to the likes of Manafourt and Cohen and, of course, Faux-Newz, Rush, etc. You know, the working-stiff schmucks, the middle-class(es), the suckers, that make things happen while the rich take what’s left of Reagan’s supply-side trickle down. Welcome to THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID where money can be made as long as you abide.

How many more “well-off”, inherited #Americants will also ride on the backs of their benevolent suckers? Indeed. This is what happens when wealth, position, status, etc., is determined by bullshit–or, if you’re lucky enough, the proximity of your birth. If there is nothing left to earn in a system has already been earned twice over, then the only source of wealth can the un-earned. This is the process #Americant has solidified into its cultural and political core for the last thirty, forty, fifty years. This is what happens when you allow a political ideology, propped up by money–and not patriotism or morality or values–determine your political direction. And so. #Americant has become #Eurowasteland. And not #Eurowasteland of today. No. It has become 17th and 18th century neofeudalism galore, baby! But that’s neither here nor there. Am I wrong?

What I really wanted to worst-blog about today, dear worst-reader, is Cohen’s testimony. After a few hours of ingesting it I turned to my better half and said: you know what I think? I think this is all a ruse.

“A ruse? What’s a ruse,” she asked. “‘Are you trying to speak French again? Stop it. Stop it now!”

“Trickery. Shenanigans. Stuff done that helps one avoid truth, justice and the #Americant way. Cheating.” I said. “It’s all a ruse.”

“And you’re just now figuring this out,” she said. “I saw a pic of him ordering from a cheap hotel omelette bar the other day. And what about those fake pics of him eating $hitfood during the campaign while sitting on his jet? Why would one of the world’s richest men–if he is that–who is also able to become President of what you call your grand united mistakes of… how do you put it? #Americant? How come we never never never see any other rich person eat trash food or wait for an omelette at what looks like a really cheap hotel breakfast bar? Forget about this being a ruse. This is who he really is. He is what so many Americans have become. And this is what he thinks is his advantage over all of the fake-ness. You Americans are so stupid.”

The best thing about Michael Cohen’s testimony though isn’t so much what/how he says anything–even though that stupid sounding stereotypical NY accent of his is ludicrous. The best thing is, he is the worst of the worst at selling the #Americant ruse. For that alone he deserves to go to jail. This is who these people really are, don’t you know. President Stupid truly is everything #Americant has become. He is the perfect representation of an ideal. The failure of meritocracy. The illegitimacy of education and ambition. Stack it up to bad management or just plain old fashion greed that can only become arbitrary stock-market driven corporations. #Americant has gotten to this place by its own doing, don’t you know. Wanton. Willingly. That Faux-Newz exists is horrific enough. Not that I’m advocating media censorship. Let Rush Limbaugh and crew spew their mind-filth–#Americants obviously love eating it up the vomit. But that so many #Americants can’t see above any of it…? Even Micheal Cohen? The perfect pathway, the most straight venue, THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and #Trump. Here you are!

And btw. Cohen’s jail sentence of three years will probably be 18 months at most. When he gets out he’ll get rich of a book deal. A movie. Heck, he might even get a musical on Broadway. And who’s to say how much more he’ll get for taking one for the team–cause we know #Trump will never take one. Maybe he’s not such a bad Ruse maker after all.

The only reason Cohen has appeared before Congress is to further the ruse that he and his ilk have been playing on #Americant since, probably, the 1950s. Most certainly the ruse has been played since the 1970s, i.e. the period I know personally. This is what happens when a country of dunces with nice white shinny teeth can’t figure out how to get their a$$es out of a wet paper bag they’ve been in since birth. This is the behaviour that is resorted to. So make sure you behave, all you man-children. And…

Just get money–nomatter what.  The easiest the bestest.

Rant on.


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