The Facade #Americant Revealing More And More

Screenshot 2019-03-14 at 07.06.30
See link below for screenshot source of this great pic showing the truth about how power and influence and privilege really works in the world.

Never before or with each passing day have I felt more proud of the fact that I didn’t finish college and therefore cannot be categorised among those who run, advocate and facilitate the grand $hit$how of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Indeed. I didn’t finish college because of I couldn’t handle the learning. No. I yearned for the learning. Still do. I didn’t finish because I couldn’t stand the hypocrisy, the bigotry, the overwhelming nuance of fakeness galore espoused not only by fellow students but also by teachers and administrators. Not only did I quit college but I quite the whole $hit$how. Oh yeah. I ran out of money, too. But that’s neither here nor there. Almost five years of college and more than $15k, most of which are loans that I also paid back, I have the nothingness I deserve from it all. But what of the nothingness that comes from the privileged who actually can afford the $hit$how? If you look close enough, dear worst-reader, you can clearly see the single thread that permeates through the entirety of all the nothingness that is the fail-upward-ness of #Americant in the past fifty (or so) years. The rulers, the makers, the functionaries of the oligarchy $hit$how, baby. Every damn one of them. They are all college grads! The good old days of the good old boy American has long since been replaced by a reality of stupidity privilege run amok, i.e. #Americant. So let me repeat that as only worst-writer can: they ALL have a college education. Whether it’s #Trump and his magnanimous #MAGA idiocy or the local somewhat rich guy (let’s say a used-car salesmen in a town where there are no new-car stores) running through a trailer park waving a hundred dollar bill, the reality is this: if you ain’t privileged or if you ain’t given in to $hit$how as a functionary (aka careerist), you’re fcuked. Trust me. I know this to be direct. I have lived it. Still do (live it). And now, even though it’s waaaaay too late for worst-moi, the privileged who ultimately are proving themselves no different than the trailer-park-trash hordes lusting for that $100, they are all shinning through and through as the $hits & giggles take over. On the other worst-hand, the story linked to below is so f’n Hi-Larry-Us I literally busted a gut laughing this morning while reading it in bed as I woke to yet another krappy day. Yeah, baby. Way to go #Americant. #MAGA #MAGA #MAGA.

Rant on.


Link that motivated this post: Lori Loughlin: US actress released on bail in college cheating scam – BBC News

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