Land Of Free To Be Stupid: Examples

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First, dear worst-reader, why is it that two of the most interesting of all the stupid “talk shows” in my beloved & missed #Americant are hosted by foreigners? One: Trevor Noah. Two: John Oliver. Is there no one native-born to host these pseudo-newz shows (of stupid)? Am I, expat-galore, being too pseudo-nationalistic to even ask such a question? Oh wait. That’s the ticket, ain’t it? Native-born? Nationalistic-ism? Is there such a thing, I mean, other than the real natives, as in native-born? But what am I worst-writing, dear worst-reader? I’m once again off subject.

Two of the best examples yet of #Americant dysfunction, aka THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID:

  1. The Mueller report
  2. Parkland survivor suicides.

Well. Get this. I was actually a bit surprised about this next phase of how my beloved & missed #Americant would deal with its innate ignorance. You know, the ignorance of electing yet another screen personality to the White House so that he may continue the destruction of not just the republic but also the glorification of the church-pew that is trailer-trash galore. When one considers the current state of politics in my beloved & missed #Americant, it’s not hard to find a vast desert with an entire population’s head stuck in the sand. Or am I wrong?


How is it that an FBI stooge who is obviously part of a vast corrupt and connived justice system, which is lead by the best example ever of the corruption that is #Americant, President Stupid and his orange taint, ever deliver more than what Trevor Noah asks on his über-stupid TV show: Hey stupid Americans, what do you guys think after two years plus of investigating a ruse? The worst part about how Democrats threw this hail-marry with Russian collusion isn’t even the end result where #Trump wins. No. The worst part is… there is still no reconciliation of how/why the Democrats have nothing (politically) to offer anyone or anything within the fly-over states. But before you draw any worst conclusions about that/my worst-declaration, heed this: worst-writer is NOT a both-siderist!

There simply has to be a lot of stupid within a so-called democracy to get it to where #Americant has it right now. And it’s a shame that all that stupid is encapsulated in the pseudo-intellectualism of humour embodied in late-night talk shows hosted by foreigners. But on that note, I must die-gress.

I forgot the Mueller investigation months ago. There is simply no way that when two branches of government are in the hands of one political ideology (executive branch + judicial branch = conservative, GOP, right-wing wet-dream) that justice can be served. The FBI has never been anything but a joke (Boston Marathon bombing; Hoover, etc.) and should have been culled decades ago. Federal judge appointments through out the United Mistakes of #Americant has also tipped the scales of justice and makes it ever-so obvious that the saviour (Trump) will never be prosecuted for what he should be prosecuted for: being STUPID. Also, those appointments will secure the ideology that has taken hold and will most likely for many years to come maintain the status quo of the trickle round-n-round of STUPID. With that in mind, here’s worst-writer’s prediction for the near future:

#Trumpism will be re-elected in 2020 but then impeached within two years of second term so that it can be a repeat of Nixon and then all will be as usual as unearned wealth continues to rule and Democrats figure out how to continue the Neo-feudalism of yore.

And by-the-buy, the other example of STUPID (#2 above) is this simple fact/reality: Parkland is a well-off, middle-class, atypical #Americant community. How can it be that two of the young survivors of a society’s wanton lust for slaughter and mayhem cannot get the help needed in order to NOT continue the violence? What an appalling state of inhumanity that is/must be the (not so) sunshine state of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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