Ranting, Re-Retaliate, Rednecks, Rude Remorse And The Difference Between News and Newz

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Some of worst-writer’s news links

What are your fav four-Rs, dear worst-reader? What? Don’t have any? Well go there, then. It’s not hard, you know. All you have to do is spend some time in the arena of news. Of course, I spend most of my time in the left-wing news arena. But that’s obvious, ain’t it? Reason? Right-wing newz is just insulting. You know, as in insulting to my über-intelligence. Or am I the only one that can barely stomach a few seconds of anything faux-newz? In fact, I haven’t watched more than ten minutes of CNN in a decade. And CNN used to be kinda fair and unbiased (20 yrs ago). I don’t really know what’s happened to that network. Nomatter. And so… I rely heavily on the #interwebnets for my news (not newz). In fact, I’ve got a nice little bookmark folder of news URLs I visit daily. Hopefully the corresponding screenshot above doesn’t reveal too much about my mis-personality and/or lackadaisical bias towards trying to get informed. It’s just, here’s my thing about newz v news: I can judge for myself if it’s newz or news. Beyond that I’ve got quite a few URLs memorised, as well. I also rely heavily on news aggregators–which I’m guessing are going to be more and more regulated in the future if #eurowasteland, more on that here. Yet there is something out there that is starting to bother me about the (liberal) news. It starts with the likes of Joe Biden, don’t you know. Here’s a recent short worst-post about him. The thing is, why is this old white guy still in the newz/news? Didn’t he have his heyday as Vice President to Barry-O? I mean, when is enough-enough for guys like this? Why is it that these types of men can’t just fade away? Why do they have to drag us all down along with them–as though an entire ignoramus population were sitting on a doomed Boeing 737 Max-8–by fcuking choice. Indeed. That’s what worst-writer is pseudo-comparing today. The old guard that never dies and criminal corporate activity of a pseudo-capitalist entity that should join it–in death. I mean, come on, dear worst-reader. Am I once again the only one that thinks/knows the compulsive behaviourism of pseudo-corporate leaders at the top of a company like Boeing should be held criminally liable for recent wasted life on two of their planes that could have been prevented if there weren’t so much FREEDOM TO BE STUPID running the grand $hitshow that is my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant? At the least they should be charged with manslaughter! These a$$holes literally avoided making the product safe so that they could sell a plane cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. And so. #Americants could get rid of Biden & Co. and at the same time get rid of the incompetent behaviourist (for work is no longer work it is behaviourism) cock$uckers running $hitbag monopolies making un-earning shareholders more and more and more riches and thereby creating, enhancing, facilitating a system of mis-government that is/can be only #Americant.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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