Being Told What To Do, Doing What You’re Told

The #Americant way, dear worst-reader. How to know it’s true? Just go there. I mean, go there after being not there. And while there don’t just hang out in NYC or DC or SF or LA enjoying the view(s). Check out the burbs of those places. If you can stomach it, and you should, make sure to hang out at burb local motel. They all have TVs, don’t you know. Also. Get yourself some GMO popcorn in a bag and to soothe your ill-fed soul follow it up with pre-cut cantaloupe from whatever local grocery store. Don’t forget to wash it down with a few cans of rice beer, aka Bud. Then sit back with your polyester pillows fluffed and surf the third-eye of #Americant humanism: television. Spend a few hours watching faux-newz and after that wash it down with some WWE. After you had all the popcorn and your fingers are covered with a fine glaze of chemical flavouring, if you can’t stomach the industrial cantaloupe, you can always use it as a means to wipe your fingers with another annoying smell. Then just let the Bud knock you out as your skull inevitably sinks deep into the fake pillow. In the morning take a ride in your rental car around burb-hell and then give the radio master of ceremonies, Rush, a listen.

Did you know, dear worst-reader, that Republics never recover once they fail? And the thing to keep in mind about failing Republics is that it doesn’t happen suddenly. I mean, Republics fail long before the failure is even noticed–especially by those who should notice. Hence the lie of democracy. Once the failure has occurred, though, then begins the long path toward untruth. Indeed. Of the little I’ve been able to read (comprehend), Republic failure had been considered a long time before Rome? You now, Plato & Co.? First there was the Greek empire, then came Rome. Of course, what the hell do I know? Was it even Plato that discovered the the untruth? Then again, I’ve been able to read (comprehend) only slightly more about Rome. And Rome, don’t you know, is the Republic all nation-states and their ill-governments have been based on ever since? Isn’t that what the third-reich ultimately was about? You know, restoring things to good-ole olden times? The better times–as stupid, ugly white people would call it? Rome was the first reich, Napoleon or the like the second (???), and we all know what happened at the attempt of creating a third, don’t we? Then again, there are some that say (know) that Rome never actually was a republic. It was simply a tool forever being forged to become the inhumanity-model that was/is Caesar–and those that follow him with either every stab-wound or each Ides of March. And so. The game is set for everyone to become their own little Caesar or gladiator movie-watcher with a whole lot of spite in our hearts. Am I wrong?

The problems (politics) we are having these days, dear worst-reader, ain’t so much because of Elites (who are the/a republic) but instead their hoarding of EVERYTHING–and how they all want to be Caesar. Also. One must also consider their contempt for those who don’t know the game. The poor. The proletariate. The rednecks with red hats that say… You know, those simply not born lucky enough to inherit or live off of unearned wealth and means–and who choose to stay STUPID. With that in mind, it is truly astonishing how so much support is given to the elites in my beloved & missed #Americant and at the same time elites are complained about day after day after day. Is it only because faux-newz spews criticism of elites? Am I the only expat viewing the $hitshow from thirty-thousand feet who sees this? Does one have to even be a thirty-thousand foot expat? It’s like watching a game-board, don’t you know. From so far up. But I can still see the dice. I see the crowds and the game hoarders aka players instil themselves with the game, their noses practically glued to the flat-screen that is their game-table. How is it that so many people can simultaneously be played, thinking they are playing? Oh the gift of faith.

While on the subject of hoarding, isn’t it so that war-booty is the same (as hoarding)? The soldiers of Rome, before and during Caesar, had their way with war-booty, ain’t that right? Has there been a study yet about the difference between Genghis Khan’s war-booty and that of the Roman Empire? At the least, the Roman Empire’s war-booty gave the world The Christ, his real name having the same initials as Julius Caesar. Coincidence? Which brings me around a whole ‘nother bend.

As empires die they leave a rotting slime corpse of dung for new empires to spring from (cultivate). If a few can isolate and protect that slime, it can cultivate for centuries, new & improved empires can be born. It can even birth ever new miscreants of nation-state-hood–who become empires. As long as war-booty is available there is no need to fear the reaper. And so, I’m worst-thinking now about the latest nation-state, pseudo-empire miscreant and how it came to be. Let’s go there, shall we?

Who was the biggest loser of the Great War (WW1 2)? Was it Germany, Japan? Perhaps at the time it was. Or am I totally worst-writing when I say that the biggest loser, in reality, was/is Great Britain? I mean, those fcuking wars really did put that $hithole, inbred island of ugly monarchs in their place. Yet they’re still there. But before I get too far off subject.

What I really want to worst-write about is war-booty and how it can extend and/or build an empire. For example. The Marshal Plan. The Marshal Plan was a new & and improved imperial plan that was nothing more than supplanting the British Empire and thereby freeing up space for my beloved & missed #Americant to fill the bill. We know what happened to the war-booty of Germany and Japan. But what of Britain? For didn’t Roosevelt tell Churchill after they met Stalin and while enjoying their last tee together (in Yalta?):

You fcuking twisty-speaking cocksucker. You not only ruined for years to come the money making ability of those fcuking Krauts but you almost lost it all to those retard-looking Russians. Did you know that fcuking Russians are only a half-chromosome away from being slant-eyed retards? Shut the fcuk-up Winston! Now. Listen up. You give up what remains of your greed $hitshow empire because a new player is in town and we ain’t gonna fcuk it up like you did. Here, have a fcuking banana. My boys brought it over from South America. You wanna know how to run an empire? That’s right. You gotta peel the fcuking skin off first. Twat!

Churchill, like The Dude, abided. Which brings me full-circle. A few things happen at the end of warring greed-monger $hitshows (WW2) as their Republics die:

  1. Winner takes all (as in stuff)
  2. Mass Impregnation (cause it’s fun)
  3. The transfer of stuff (quite different from 1); see The Marshal Plan

In worst-short, dear worst-reader, the Great War (WW1 2) was nothing but war-booty-galore with the one caveat of dethroning the British Empire and finally supplanting it with my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. That’s right. Technically worst-writing, the fcuking Russians won the Great War (WW1 2). But the playboys and the banker/gamblers from the US would win the glory and, hence, the marketing. And so. Considering the ramifications of dying empires, past and present, where are things headed? Or. More importantly: when will the next Empire begin to die again? Considering the aftermath of ALL fallen empires, there’s got to be a road-map out there about where things are headed. Or?


  • Is there a way through the ignorance that lead to the likes of #Trump ?
  • Is #Trump the beginning or the during of impending Empire collapse?
  • Is the blatant bigotry and spite and hate and racism of #Trump a symptom or the sickness? (And does it matter?)
  • How did so many otherwise smart people turn so stupid?
  • What is a (British) twat? (Brexit!)

Those are good questions, grass-hopper. The answer is: fcuk yes. But first, you got to get the whole Nation–as in Nationalism–to admit it’s dummer than a bag of rocks held buoyant in a river by happy coloured balloons that have penises drawn on them. How does that happen? Well, let’s get back to greed-mongering, war-booty, the complete and total control/ownership of stuff, i.e. Republics. Take for example the antecedent (if not the incestuous cousin-sister) of the Marshall Plan: martial law.

Wiki: Martial law is the imposition of direct military control of normal civilian functions of government.

For those not in the know or those hooked on OxyContin (who may or mayn’t be worst-reading this), here a few examples of martial law in my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant as of the year of (y)our Lord twenty-nineteen:

  • Sanctuary Cities. Recent declaration by #Trump (the executive branch of the US Government) that states and/or cities must take immigrants into their “sanctuary cities” as retaliation for the Congress (the legislative branch of US Government) not giving him his STUPID-wall is one of the scariest things yet to come out of the current iteration of #Americant’s fail-upward reality-tv $hitshow that is the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID1.
  • Guantanamo Bay! Need more be worst-written about that in the context of martial law? Oh wait. Don’t forget that Guantanamo Bay, if it represents anything, is that #Americant has finally gone down the path of making martial law possible on a grand scale. Guantanamo Bay isn’t so much about fighting a war against nineteen dead thugs who hijacked planes that wrecked a few ugly buildings. No. It is the rejection of Habeas Corpus. May your God help you and all your stupid for making this happen.
  • Pardons. #Trump claiming that he will pardon2 the head of the agency in charge of US immigration if/when he commits crimes is also pretty scary and very reminiscent of authoritarianism if not, well, abuse of power… Oh wait. I mean, that’s kinda like martial law, too, right? Yeah, this is supposed to be about martial law.

Anywho. I’ve worst-written, rambled on long enough and just realised, in these 2,000 words, I’ve said practically nothing that has anything to do with the title of this worst-post. Does that mean I’ve lost my (original) way? Maybe. Then again. Im worst-writer. And. In order for a once great idear that is/was #Americant to get where it’s got, you can only have a Republic (failing) where there two types of people. So there.

Rant (and worst-write) on.


  1. The idear of a “sanctuary city”, in this context, reminds me of dystopian movies like Escape From New York, V For Vendetta, Children Of Men, etc., or books like 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale, etc. In these movies/stories government is all controlling, all-knowing, it is the stuff things are made of, with and for and in all of these movies there is no communist party, no socialist agenda, etc. And so. How far is my beloved & missed #Americant from anything resembling marshal law? Obviously not far at all. And there’s more. ↩︎
  2. –according to this link, it seems the whole pardon thing has kinda gone to the way side. It’s almost as though #Trump has learned to play so well with just throwing things out there and to see if they stick. If they don’t stick–or if they are swatted away–then he just backs down. Hi-Larry-Us. ↩︎

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