They Will Burn It Down

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A screenshot of the state of things.

That church in Paris, dear worst-reader. What happened to it? How many years did it take to build it? And now it’s been almost destroyed in the wink of drunk rich man’s eye. I mean, was it really fire that destroyed Notre Dame? Or could Notre Dame’s fate be part of something else? Obviously we all saw it burn. We saw the spire crash. Then there was all the smoke, the tears of sentimentalist outside, etc. Perhaps better put: how is it that such an important structure could ever be susceptible to the ills of money-driven incompetence? That’s what they’re saying now, aren’t they? Was it some kind of computer glitch? A short circuit? Someone, something had to set all that up, don’t you know. Did they do it wrong? Did they misuse electrical tape? Or did someone put the green wire to the positive and the red wire to the negative–when it should have been the other way round? At the least, something sparked and set the wood of the structure ablaze. A previous century accident at best, a new century greed $hitshow at worst. Which begs the question: Why does an old school screwup work so well in this new world of greed, greed, greed?

Here’s worst-writer’s worst-theory (which is guess work not conspiracy). The rigamarole that is the greed $hitshow, i.e. sucking up the money made available to renovate something like an old friggin church, is exactly how it looks: there simply wasn’t enough money to buy the competence to prevent such an old and historic structure from melting away as the children of the rich lick their cones of ice cream and lollipops all in the name of their first super-car. This is what happens when the rich are called out, dear worst-reader. You know, when they are called out for having done so many bad things–all in the name of their greed–or is it their God? And so. My guess is the original cost of renovating Notre Dame was much higher than what was made available–because at the time there were so few billionaires willing to pledge enough to prevent all the incompetence in the first place. A short circuit in 2019 set Notre Dame in flames. Yeah, right.

Get it cheap if you can and if not let it burn and then let’s see what happens.

And so. When the powers-that-be finally figured out they had taken on more than they can handle with renovating the church on the cheap, they did what all greed-pigs do. They cooked the bacon for the pions and the morons and that which makes the #Trumps, the Brexits, the $hitshow. It’s the only way to protect a rich man’s world where unearned wealth rules the rest of us. You know, like it was back in the feudal days when there wasn’t convenience of electrical incompetence–or the hack-show that is Capitalism’s current iteration. Indeed. Back then they just cut hands and heads off, crucified or drank the blood spilled. And so. Even with their pledges of billions to rebuild (after the fire that should have never been), the rich never pay for their ills and thereby get someone else to pay instead. Just as it ever was! (According to The Talking Heads!) And if that fails, you burn the fcuking thing down and see what comes out of the wood-work of sympathy. Sympathy for incompetence dressed in money, money, money.

And so. It worked perfectly for Notre Dame, I’d worst-guess. Of course, of the billions that have been pledged after the fire–a small portion of which should have been pledged before the fire but somehow it wasn’t–they’re already saying that it too is not enough. Really? Seriously? Come on yellow-vests. It’s time to burn down other parts of the pig’s home.

I mean, while religious $hitbags wine and dine themselves in tears and fears at the state of the world and the glory of fail-upwardness that the rest of us must live in/with, the unearned simply let it (all) burn. And it’s what they will continue to do. Notre Dame is just one example of that. It is the fate of the greed $hitshow, don’t you know.

The fire that took place last week in the middle of Paris has nothing to do with Notre Dame. It has everything to do with the state of affairs of this world and life run amok–because of politics and money. The point being, of course, cost must always be burdened by someone else (externalised)–not those who can afford the cost. Like the church that built it (Catholic), the church that (should) own it, this traumatic event is typical of the way things are just done these days. And I wonder whose Jesus taught those ways all to us.

And on that note I do digress.

Rant on.


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