Dorothy Just Took A $hit On Her Rainbow

Two newz links below, dear worst-reader, that only worst-writer can make relatable. And trust me. I got this.

First. Can you believe a corporation owns a potato? No. Seriously. The vegetable. A corporation owns it. What I worst-mean by owns it is, they literally own the legal rights to everything that makes up that potato. Thank goodness there’s a variety of potatoes out there so at least $hitbag corporation doesn’t own all variety of potatoes. Wait. You didn’t know that there are various types of potatoes? Ok. Come this way grasshopper.

Let that sit in for a minute. Then ask this question: how can an inhuman organisation (a corporation) own the rights to a fcuking vegetable? Greed-chips anyone? This particular corporation is so f’n greedy–as only these neo-feudalists can be–that it’s literally tried to coerce the country of India to either stop growing its potato (which it uses to make krappy chips) or else. And we all know what or else means, right? Great world we live in, eh.

Second. I’m not always on the same page with the political comedian Bill Maher. Sometimes he loses his $hit so much that I don’t even bother to listen to his podcast. Instead I’ll sometimes switch over to  a ripped audio-only version of the Wizard of Oz and then experiment with vape-dope. But let’s not get too far off worst-subject.

My biggest gripe with Maher is that he’s too nice to $hitbags. Or am I the only one to notice that? I mean, he’s too nice to republicans on his show. I don’t see the point of even having them on his show. But we all got to sell something to The Man, right? Well, at least you do if you’re not worst-writer. Also. I’m not an HBO subscriber which means listening Maher’s free podcast is not necessarily a privilege. Ripping the Wizard of Oz to audio-only, now that’s a privilege. But I must digress.

I will give Maher this. At least he’s better than Jon Stewart–and thank goodness Stewart left the airwaves. I can definitely tolerate Maher more than Stewart, especially when it comes to #Americant politics. But why all the $hitbag republicans on his show? But let’s not get too far off subject.

Last night (see video link below) Maher tried to $hit on Robert Mueller by claiming Mueller is the one to prosecute President Stupid. And guess what? With such a claim, Maher just struck out and at the same time tripped over home plate and his bat. What a sight that was, eh?

By calling Mueller out for not only being hired to do what he does (FBI), but forgetting that Mueller was born to be who is (a republican), Maher just threw the $hit in the fan that’s pointing to his on face. (Or should I have stuck with the clumsy bat metaphor?) I mean, come on. The right-wing and their stooges (the FBI) don’t actually eat themselves. At leat they don’t publicly! On top of that, even I know it’s not the special prosecutor’s job (mandate) to “prosecute” the president. It’s only his job to do the investigation. Everything else is up to Congress. Or am I the only one who remembers how Ken Starr, including Newt Gingrich’s #americants amorality parade, pulled off the charade impeachment of the century? Congress prosecuted Bill Clinton for lying about a personal transgression with a hot-lipped intern and what a glorious show that was, eh. Whoop-dee-fcuking-do-do!

Here’s what Maher needs to keep doing–as opposed to going astray with picking on republicans supporting repubilicans (FBI + conservatives). Stick with calling out the entirety of the united mistakes apparatus, especially the whole middle-class and its rich part(s) that is the burgeoning retiring baby-boomer generation (of which he is one). This group of behaviourists who’ve never had an original thought (well, some of them did) and will forever live in the shadow of their racist, bigoted elders, has literally turned my beloved & missed #Americant into the new & improved politburo of The West. And so. Bill Maher. Just say fcuk the Mueller report and move on. The conman savvy genius of President Stupid, to which you are playing, is that he’s been pretty good so far at navigating the hate-bigot-road that is between the winner’s and the inheritors that make up the ruling class(es) of fail-upward-ville, I.e. #Americant.

Just like a corporation shouldn’t be able to own the legal rights to a fcuking vegetable, a country/society shouldn’t be able to own all the deplorables because, well, they are all fcuking morons and thereby let compulsive behaviourists, like Mueller, or the entirety of conservatism, run the whole $hitshow forevermore. In other worst-words, it’s time to make room for hippies to rule for once and also to clean the $hit off the rainbow that is #Americant according to a drugged-out, incontinent Dorothy and her ugly, stupid dog that now wears #Trump’s hair.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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