Daemons Of My Golden Cages


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A screenshot from the Interwebnets = gargoyle?

Living in a golden cage, don’t you know, dear worst-reader, has its quirks. It’s a shinny place, if you can’t guess, yet not shinny enough to hide the excess. Is the gold worth it, you might ask? Oh, the ills of expatriate choices–for those of us born and reared in the privileges of The West–yet not quite privileged enough. I, for one, don’t know what would have become of me if I had NOT left my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant–when I did. Which means, there is a question (regret?) still lingering and I will most likely have to die before answering it: why didn’t I go some place else?

There is a phantasy, don’t you know, with a bit of porn as prefix, where I wish I had gone to California1. You know, instead of going East, from the mid-Atlantic coast of the US, and then to #Eurowasteland, I should have gone West. Very West. You know, somewhere between LA and SF might have been nice. Or? But then such phantasy is easily neutered considering the current state of working-stiff behaviourist I’ve left behind and yet joined anew. Oh, what they’ve all achieved–sitting on the asses of their minds while feeding their inner shit-beast perfect industry-food that is the result of mistreated nature as much as mistreated humanity but also enables and facilitates a mindset that can’t comprehend all the violence that makes it–and remember: work is not “work” it’s compulsive behaviourism–possible. Which brings me to one final question: is multiple violent death any different than single violent death?

Answer: it depends on where you live. I guess.

Yes, dear worst-reader. That’s what the article linked to below brings worst-moi to think. First, I’d never heard of Combat 18. You? I mean #1, at this point, despite President Stupid’s campaign/election, who hasn’t heard of that whole white supremacist thing? What a misunderstanding that is, eh. I mean #2, how is it that the tides of capitalism’s failure once again2 spews forth in its wake of social and cultural disparities and dilapidation, forcing the privileged few to go nowhere really fast, who all not only think but act as though all, well, is well? When I worst-say go I’m referring, of course, to where they should go in their minds–not where they should go if they chose, like me, to expatriate or stay where they are (in their minds). Instead. Stay in the comfort of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. And so, the capitalists must be enjoying the $hitshow that their grandfathers enjoyed as new generations of STUPID-PEOPLE-GALORE slaughter themselves by the many AND the few–with huge numbers of bystanders slowing traffic (for the rest of us). But let me get back to the doom of my golden cage.

I’ve had a conversation or three while living abroad about the violence I left behind that is my beloved & missed #Americant. Violence being the only word most can come up with regarding all the guns. Oh how it’s permeated everything so clearly in the bosom of the privileged West, don’t you know. Yet when I try to explain that such violence has an origin above and beyond a Constitutional writ, I’m often swatted away like the measly fly I was probably meant to be. And so I continue to get trapped in the talk about violence being everywhere because of… something singular. How rare it is that some might inquire about my attitude toward #Americant –which seems to have prevailed post WW2 as the love-children of so many status-quo swingers suffer oh so much so that at least someone, some of them, may have a job.

At this worst-point in all that is life-wasted, I have to double-down on two things. The first, it ain’t the guns. The second, even if THEY somehow find a way to control the guns, it won’t stop the violence nor will it stop access to all the killing. Of course, I’m sure you’d rather have one person killed as opposed to hundreds. Or? Oh wait. #Eurowasteland would like it that way.

Take for example #Americants beloved pseudo-colony that has done so well to adhere to capitalism run amok, albeit with just a bit more socialism for the poor and not just the rich (as it is in #Americant), and, of course, the great tutor of BDSM–which is probably the only way #Americant subservient wives who either played or played-not with feminism, where able to get their men to last a few minutes longer while tickling and pecking their way to procreation having learned about it all from wet t-shirt contest and/or uncles they met at evangelical gatherings. Yes. Let’s go there. Let’s visit Deutschland.

“So what about Stephen Paddock,” I’m asked by a group of German speaking #Eurowastelanders as I raised the subject of his killing spree as an example that it ain’t just the guns.

“How can you compare what he did with a single nutcase in Hessen, Germany, who shot one guy in the back of the head,” I’m asked.

“Well,” I worst-respond, “does Paddock’s killing of 58 people in Las Vegas in 2017 really differentiate from a politically motivated execution of a single German politician–in a place that is supposed to have very strict gun laws? This ain’t Star Trek, you know.”

“Star Trek? What the fcuk are you rambling on about now, Tom,” the angry inner crowd-voice of who ever I’m talking to said.

“You know,” I respond, “don’t you remember Spock’s the needs of the many ending in Star Trek II3?”

“Tom… You’re an idiot. What are you talking about!”

And my hosts ask me to leave before I can argue the fact that I’m not, somehow, trying to justify the violence that oh-so raised/reared me but instead trying to make clear that unless someone does something against the normality that is violence that/which obviously stems out of white-people, especially white men, an extremism that is as old as the hills, if not #Eurowasteland, there’s no point in postulating whether one capitalist country and its madness is anything more or less than another capitalist country–where politically motivated executions seem to go hand in hand albeit with only fewer dead.

“If that shooter in Hessen could have killed hundreds of politicians, wouldn’t he? I mean, this only means that #Americant violence is just better endowed. Big dicks, you know. And, by-the-buy, it learned from the best,” was one of the last things I tried to worst-say.

And as I was escorted out the door to hissing and booing, wishing I could stay to enjoy yet another free meal, I added, “at this point there’s no difference between killing fifty-eight people or killing one. It’s the white male and his world that you should focus on. And if I may add,” I said while departing a wonderful evening chock full of good food and way too much pseudo-intellect, “the origin of the violence we’re talking about here is from #Eurowasteland. You guys started it all. Now go ask for forgiveness from native Americans.”

Feeling redeemed and confused because my brain hurt, I was also very hungry, I yelled as the door began to slam behind me and then made my way down the old stairs of the building, thinking about which McDonalds burger I was gonna splurge on: You’re fcuking welcome you bunch of snobs.

Before I conclude this worst-post, dear worst-reader, allow me to make this last worst-writ about the article linked below. The thing in the article that really got to me was this:

Citing sources within security forces, the paper, along with public broadcasters NDR and WDR, said the suspect had been active in extreme-right groups, including the domestic neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD) and a group known as the Autonomen Nationalisten (Autonomous Nationalists), a pan-European neo-Nazi group that has adopted some Antifa and far-left tactics. -Source is link below

What the fcuk does “a pan-European neo-Nazi group that has adopted some Antifa and far-left tactics4” mean? If I’m being naive here, forgive me. If I’m not smart enough to figure this out, fcuk you. But here’s my question/issue. What “far-left tactics” are they referring to in the context of a fascist being able to execute someone? When trying to figure this out the first “far-left tactic” that came to my mind was Alfred Herrhausen. And then I said: Whaaaaaaa? That was, like, 1989 and the Cold War wasn’t even completely over yet and and and…

Herrhausen was the first person killed by a terrorist when I arrived in Germany–oh so long ago. Is the terrorism that killed Herrhausen the same as the terrorism that is white supremacy? Is that what readers are supposed to believe/think now that Antifa (the word) can be thrown around like a volleyball? Fighting against fascism is now, somehow, terror anew? I don’t know about you, dear worst-reader, this smells of newspeak.

And so. Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Deutsche Welle where fake is the new newspeak?

  1. But not for the porn, of course. ↩︎
  2. The other failure being that which lead to the Great Depression. ↩︎
  3. In the Wrath of Khan the Enterprise is on the verge of destruction when Spock enters a radioactive chamber in order to fix the ship. As Spock dies, and, with his final breath, he says to Kirk, “Don’t grieve, Admiral. It is logical. The needs of the many outweigh . . .” Kirk finishes for him, “The needs of the few.” Spock then adds, “Or the one.” ↩︎
  4. Bold type from worst-moi! ↩︎


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