Past Participle Of Thunderpussy

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Is it time yet, dear worst-reader? Time to start trademarking worst-writer? How bout I also trademark one of my other favourites: #Americant? And what about my use of the word fcuk? What? That’s not a word? Come now, come now. Of course it’s a word, don’t you know. It’s a word because, well, the powers-that-be make it so. You know, they make it so through their use of hypocrisy, bigotry and hate–all part of the mechanism that so well facilitates the way things are. Hate (and all the above), fyi, is the basis of all-things conservative in these times of Kavanaugh, #Trump and, of course, minds hell-bent by Limbaugh & Co. Indeed. The powers-that-be, after recent #SCOTUS decision involving some dushbag clothes maker who thinks he’s creative (or something like that) by giving his brand a kind of counter-counter culture name that sounds like the past participle of the word f*$k, seems to think they’re OK with certain words–as long as those words will never interfere with their power. And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, baby? At least that’s the ticket as I worst-see it.


While on the subject of conservative dushbags, what will this recent #SCOTUS decision mean for an up-and-coming rock band–that I only recently discovered while reading somewhat deeper into the issue–that also uses a kind of counter-counter culture name? That name? Thunderpussy. And what a name, eh! Or am I splitting hairs here claiming that a dushbag clothes maker, using the word Fuct (past participle of the f-word?) as a brand name, which is now sanctioned by the highest corrupt court in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, is the same as a rock-n-roll band that clairvoyantly saw the future when they picked their name? I’m referring to a future, of course, that would end up with the likes of President Stupid and his grab them by you-know-what. I mean, Thunderpussy was founded, according to their wiki page, before President Stupid decided to grace us with his presence and thereby show the world the true, ugly, disgusting face, including piss-hair, of #Americant.

I’m sure Thunderpussy is elated with the #SCOTUS decision. Why would they even care how freedom of expression is enabled as long as, just like the dushbag clothes maker, they can make a buck or three with what it is they do? Yet somehow worst-moi is less enthusiastic about the whole deal. Reason? Simple. In this world there are dushbag clothes makers and there are also really, really fantastic rock bands that are playing on the/a/my past on account, well, in music, since, let’s say the nineties, there has been very little creativity1.

There’s no doubt in my worst-mind that the arbitrators of #Americant one-sided law are up to no good these days–nomatter what/how they interpret law. Several recent #SCOTUS decisions may even have some people thinking they are a bit outside whatever immoral compass guides them, i.e. moneyed interests galore. That worst-said, I think what #SCOTUS has been doing since Kavanaugh is a rues the conservative majority is playing so as to prepare (go get some butter) #Americant for what they really intend: total and complete authoritarian rule based on money and immorality galore, i.e. the #Americant way, baby.

Or maybe not.

At the least, lend Thunderpussy an ear. Wow!

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post:
Thunderpussy – Fever | KEXP (Video)

  1. Forgive my prejudices here. The/my reality is, I rarely consume music anymore on account, for me, raised in the sixties and seventies, there simply has been no music worth consuming for most of the past twenty or so years. If this is the result of lack of creativity or the likes of iTunes & Co., so be it. Still. I really dig a few new bands like Thunderpussy, Greta Van Fleet and if it weren’t for Grunge, I would have consumed absolutely nothing in the nineties. But on that note, I die-gress. ↩︎

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