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Subtitle: Every link from Chris Hedges The Dilemma of Vladimir Lenin, July 1, 2019,

Don’t you love it, dear worst-reader? Don’t you love it when you fight so hard to avoid all the entertainment afforded us in these days of interwebnet-galore, including all the glorious porn, facebag, puppy vids, forced early retirement, and thereby happen across something interesting that may or may not make your day? It happened to me this morn, dear worst-reader. After walking Beckett, the killer pug, I did the dishes from the night before–where I masterfully concocted a veggie curry with chick peas, cauliflower and exactly one minuscule slice too much of level eight (out of ten) fresh red chilli–set the iRobot to vacuum downstairs, refilled my tea (rose yunnan black tea, btw), then headed up to my worst-writing cave, opened all the windows to let the breeze through (what a relief from #Eurowasteland’s current heatwave, eh) and then it began (see link above). Here’s a taste:

“Imperialism brings with it corporate monopolies, a characteristic of the late stage of capitalism. It shifts power away from the manufacturing class to a parasitic class of financiers, the rentiers, whose profession, Lenin wrote, “is idleness.” The late stage of capitalism inverts classical economics. What was considered unproductive—the parasitism of the rentier class—becomes the real economy. And what was considered the productive sector of the economy—labor and industry—is treated as the parasite.”

-Chris Hedges

I’ve read Hedges (tag link) here and there. Although he’s not as contrarian as I’d like, I started reading Hedges after Christopher Hitchens died. He’s since became my go-to guy for all things knowledge when it comes to (at least) trying to understand the fcuk-up that is the $hit$how we must all live in. And by fcuk-up I mean, of course, along with my pseudo-forced expatriation from my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant, living in #Eurowasteland, dealing with my past and–forgive all my worst-redundancy here–the porn that life is these days. For it is all a $hit$how–or am I wrong, dear worst-reader?

Then again, I get such a kick out reading stuff like this. Reason? As part of the Lumpenproletariat it’s always been my desire to break free. Not financially, of course. For I could give a hoot about money. (Although I’ve managed that pretty well, too.) I suppose, in part, that’s the reason I left my beloved & missed #Americant (lumpenproletariat galore)–and probably will die abroad with the delusional dream that my ashes will be thrown into some #Eurowasteland toilet after my worst-soul is incinerated knowing that at least a speck will make its way to the westerly Gulf Stream of the Atlantic and eventually bring me home. But enough about me.

Although, as I’m worst-writing this worst-post and listening to all my Radiohead albums on shuffle mode, I haven’t even finished reading the Hedges article, halfway through it it has become obvious that it is something to savour. And savour not just what Hedges so brilliantly writes. The nuggets of knowledge he provides fit perfectly in the holes of pseudo-study I’ve indulged in all these years trying to comprehend political revolution. Hedges masterfully articulates intricacies by comparing Russian and French revolutions through the mantel of Lenon, Trotsky and, of course, President Stupid–or as Hedges calls him: #Trump–and that which has lead to #Trump. But I don’t want to get into the article here. Just read it, if you dare–even if you’ve not indulged in pseudo-learning about revolutions like worst-moi is. And so. This worst-post is about the links Hedges has provided in his article. See below.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


Links that motivated this post and must/should be pseudo-studied in the near worst-future:–19

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