Käpernick v Brexit

brexit turns back on EU.jpg
Screenshot from the Interwebnets

Alternative title: How To Make Your Protest Unenlightened

Well, there you have it, dear worst-reader. I mean, don’t get me wrong. It is #Eurowasteland to me and for the better part of my expatriation has always been that way. Indeed. I do live in it. In fact, when I first got to The Continent one of my standard questions while socialising among Das Volk was:

So, #Eurowastelander, are you (German, French, British, etc.,) or are you European now?

It was 1990, don’t you know. I was from a place that had long ago united its tribes. Although the EU thing had been going on for some time, it took till the 90’s, including that whole reunification thing, for Das Volk to realise that perhaps something might be awry (in this uniting experiment). Or was I the only one to notice the Anglo-way v. The Germanin-way… of doing things?

It’s not that I was always a skeptic (against all-things Euro), it’s just that I had a bit of knowledge about what Europeans are/were before the $hit$how began. Or am I the only one to have missed the history, aka, the genocide that is the founding of #Americant, Capitalism being a new & improved surrogate for Feudalism, tribalism, white-man greed-galore, etc., etc.–all doings, don’t you know, of Euro-fcukin-peans! But hey. Let’s not split hairs here. The EU has been good for worst-moi. Yet why the fcuk ain’t it just as good for those monarch loving cock$uckers in the UK who are throwing Brexit around like an unfulfilled child at his fav toy store? Oh wait. Let me not get to deep into my own Brexit prejudices.

All the tribes have their own way of doing things, right? Luckily there’s no need to get into the details. But if you have to summarise it, or worst-write about it, then one can frivolously call the differences among the tribes as… the Germans against the fcuking world. Or am I being too fcuking British right now? Again. Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I love the British. I hate the way they talk–slurring as much as any southerner in my beloved & missed #Americant. But there is something peculiar about how they’ve gone about this Brexit thing. I mean. Come on. Look at how they protest!

This is protest!

A great deal can be worst-said about protesting. Gandhi and Martin Luther King come to (my) mind. And what about the Occupy movement? Then there’s Colin Käpernick. They were all about protesting, right baby. But they were protesting for what was/is right. Or? But what happens when the ones the world has been protesting AGAINST suddenly get a/their platform to claim they too need to protest? Holy krapp, dear worst-reader. So I guess we should just leave it up to the failed state of the Monarchy $hit$how that is Great Britain–trying to be made greater again as only the #Trump mind can (make it happen).

The Anglo-way has failed. Brexit is #Trump. There is most certainly a correlation to other failed #Eurowasteland tribes as they have adopted that same Anglo-way.

Greece come to mind?

And then there is the Germanin-way. Which, IMHO, has only failed less (than all the others). I honestly don’t know what the answer is, even though things have gone well for me while living among the Germanins. Perhaps there is just a fine line here, eh.


The recent human embarrassment of white British people protesting… what?… is so ludicrous that even worst-writer giggles and smirks. What a bunch of nitwits with fcuking knickers for brains. Why don’t you’all just go lick the space between your monarchy toes and see what comes from that.

And so. Käpernick wins!

Rant on.



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