Epstein’s Death Conspiracy Slash Theory Solved. You’re Welcome.

Addendum (or update) to this post here.

Come on, dear worst-reader. Are you getting filled and thrilled by all the conspiracy-krapp on the interwebnets regarding Jeffrey Epstein’s death? Was it suicide? Murder? Did mafia goons rip him a new one? And here’s the best one: he’s still alive. I heard someone say that in whatever $hit-talk show on the boob-inter-tube-network. There are people that think Epstein ain’t dead. You know. Like. Elvis left the building, baby. Elvis ain’t dead either. Too important to be dead. Too famous. Too many important friends. Elvis, Epstein, etc., have just left the building, baby. So chill! Let’s all go out and live our days on an island where there are no wolves and no white haired white men running around in their best wolf suits with pompadours waiting on the side of a fairytale road… on Elvis island. A wolf free island, baby. As long as daughters do what they’re told. But wait. Ironically, Elvis never bought that island. That fcuker is most definitely dead. Keeled over while on the toilet trying to push out money earned singing like an angel. And so. Doesn’t Epstein–at best–own two islands because, well, he’s a billionaire? Was Elvis ever a billionaire? Indeed. There’s a better story here than Elvis’, right? Ok. Cool.

Wait. Did I get Elvis out of the story (narrative) here? Gee, I hope so. Let’s move on.

Again. Come on, dear worst-reader. Even though it’s extremely difficult for worst-writer to get through it, I even watched/listened for about three-point-three seconds and a few lingering minutes to various crack-pots like this guy on the $hit-for-brains inter-web-net-tubes. His TAKE on the issue of Epstein’s death is bat$hit heaven, eh? But so is his TAKE on everything (yes, I’ve even held a barf-bag while watching a few of his other videos). You can tell by the way these people talk, you know. The way they breath. The way they pound their chests. Bat$hit heaven, baby. And. By-the-buy. On a kinda worst-writer side-note. How the fcuk can some of these inter-tube-google-freaks even get an audience? He’s got almost a million subscribers. Oh yeah. Wait. There’s gotta be a whole lot of stupid out there. And you know what happens to minds with a whole lot of stupid, right? Talk about extra crawl space waiting for bull$hit galore.

Beware of salesmen selling you everything.

I also read a few things here and there–you know, from other crackpot online sources, aka the newz aka the big-guns, i.e. NYT, WP, LATimes, etc. Of course, I avoid anything faux-newz. Remember, dear worst-reader. I was raised/reared in #Americant. I’ve had enough of listening to those who only make an audience stupider. Such a hard road it’s been, eh, getting all that stupid out of my system. Do I feel bad for my brethren, sisters and cousins back home who are still stuck in the stupid? Yeah, sure. Why not. Giggle. Giggle. Giddy w/laughter. So. With that in mind, do you want to know something I’ve learned about life and avoiding stupid? Steer away from $hit like faux-newz–and the arm-chair know-it-all a$$holes like the guy I linked to above. Get your own mind.

A worst-mind conclusion.

My worst-conclusion–even before his death–is that Epstein is but another useless rich-guy whose existence served only one thing: money. It’s the essence of #Americant and a generation, dear worst-reader. You know, those $hitbag boomers and their greed-mongering. The generation that thinks it actually did something other than inherit. Sure, there are a few boomers worth a hoot. You know, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. All the others are just like Epstein, if not worse. Which means, when a bit a truth comes out about you, when your narrative/story runs out of glare-glam, what’s left? Oh, the emptiness of living for money and the stories it enables. Even glare-glam #Americants don’t like empty lies. Those lies gotta be full. They gotta be shinny. The gotta reflect the sun-God–just like #Trump’s hair. Indeed. What we’ve learned from the get-go of this #Americant story of money is that beyond being a pedophile, Epstein, like so many others, is nothing but a fcuking two-bit liar. You know, #Americant. Yeah. That’s how the place has been rolling for the past fifty or so years. Just tell another #Americant you’re a billionaire and heck… they’ll elect you president. They’ll even artificially inflate the centre of the financial world. Lies serve purpose. Lies are meaning. Oh. And when all else fails, find your exit.

Oh well.

Telling and living a lie ain’t no small task–if you want the big bucks. That is the essence of the boomer generation. But, let’s give credit where it’s due. These a$$holes are really good at one thing–other than lying, that is. Getting people to suck-up to them. And how do you do that? Easy. Take advantage of the disadvantaged, the poor, the desperate, the young. That’s where the AMERICAN DREAM, hard-work, play by the rules, etc., gets into the $hitshow. You know, that which can only lead to #Trump and his mantra of failing upwards, i.e. the essence of making things great again. Indeed, dear worst-reader. There is a social phenomenon plaguing the systematic forced decline of the western world so as to save a bunch of inheritors who’ve never done a friggin thing–except, maybe, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. And it’s all due to back-seaters (the lumpenproletariat) never turning away as the ride that is their life screws their momma’s, their wive’s, the daughter’s pooch. What should be done with an entire generation of people who are so stupid that all they can do is obsess over conspiracy, propaganda, the imaginary elephant in the room, #Trump? Oh wait. There are sex abusing monsters who must get inline to be forgiven, find atonement, seek redemption… via the God of money that is god-money-fearing evangelist #Americant.

Is you fcuked yet!

Indeed. A narrative can go a long way in a society hell-bent on never-ever waking up to reality. And so. Hail Disney! Hail the dream! Hail!–that all things bad and evil and real happen to someone else’s daughter first. The only problem is, dear worst-#Americant, you’re running out of daughters. #MeToo? Yeah, that’s the ticket, don’t you know. Who/what controls the what/where/when/how for a wide and vast audience of avoiding the truth galore?

Forsaken daughters.

In short, Epstein is the #Americant narrative. How else is the likes of #Trump or the uglies of political conservatism possible? #Trump, by-the-buy, plays a role in Epstein’s narrative. Or did you not know that because you haven’t paid much attention to all those court documents that were released right before Epstein’s death? Indeed. It is a sickly, vile, disjointed and ugly narrative that my beloved & missed #Americant inherited from–of all places–Prince Andrew’s Europe. Another role player in this #Americant story, don’t you know. Of course, I’m not comparing this to Europe from today (#Eurowasteland) where I live. No. This story has been inherited from Europe of yore. You know, feudal Europe, aristocratic Europe, perverted Europe, etc. White men, white people, greed. Godly sanctioned misbehaviour, human exploitation, etc. Europe. Its gift to humanity, don’t you know.

The gift store.

Europe gave the world a new-world only so that the/this new-world could (finally) grow up to become what the old-world couldn’t. The behaviour of (white) people in this new-world should surprise no one. Unless, of course, you’re stuck in a narrative. Something from Brother’s Grimm, perhaps? Oh, how so many are stuck, don’t you know. So many #MAGA hats and all the matching red hand baskets that carry the weight of the poor, the downtrodden, strolling along someone else’s forrest named innocence or happy-time where smiling horror-wolves of white reign supreme and daughter’s parts await blemish.

As long as it happens to someone else’s daughter, right?

The bad news? Epstein is a necessity in a society that is the abyss of eternal emptiness. Like the black hole of the soul, don’t you know, this is what happens when everything–and I mean EVERYTHING–is about money. And you know the old saying, right dear worst-reader? What to do when the money runs out? In the case of the Boomer generation, all that’s left is Epstein & co. Hence the situation #Americant is in right now. Perpetual war. Failing upwards. #Trump. Or have you seen a more inept generation than the one facilitating this $hitshow?

Power: the story of money.

When the money runs out, everything is about power over the powerless. You know, the haves and the have-nots and the have-mores. Jeffrey Epstein, like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, #Trump, most of your neighbours, etc., are part of a much larger THANG than any couch-anthropologist slash worst-writer can conjure. The easy part, my easy task today, is to simply point this out. You are in the filth and ugly and disgust of your own making. You’re surrounded by it and always have been. Goodness forbid all you worst-readers out there actually wake up and find out some of this stuff on your own. Hint:

  • to both wake up and find out some stuff, you don’t need the interwebnets, you don’t need the newz, all you need is
  • look around (you)
  • get the fcuk out, quit, jump ship
  • read a fcuking book about history, empire and how $hitty men can be
  • while you’re at it, look in the fcukin‘ mirror and then think about compulsive behaviourism, i.e. doing what your told forevermore is always a mistake
  • and for goodness sake, blame your parents until evolution allows the unborn to pick their parents.

It was inevitable that #Americant show the world its true story that is a cesspool, don’t you know. A cesspool of mind-filth and man-child vulgarities. #Trump. Jefrey Epstein. Etc. But before I get too far off subject.

Kill self.

Epstein killed himself. Stop flattering your pee-brain with any other thought. There’s no mafia here. There’s no government conspiracy. The Clintons are only as stupid as any other compulsive behaviourist that managed to skip the line to the front of meaninglessness that is a moneyed career. There is no murder here. There is no connection to Jack Ruby. There is only life lost and justice suspended–all in the name of money’s best friends: greed, spite, bigotry, and those who suffer under it all. That’s all there need be. It’s everything that my beloved & missed #American is, has become, and if you must, you can thank Europe (history) and your parents for it all.

Or maybe not.

Epstein simply couldn’t get away with it anymore. His story is over. The story of his story-tellers is over. Just like #Americant? I mean. Obviously. He should have been prosecuted years ago. But we know what crime really is in the grand WEST? This is behaviourism, dear worst-reader. At its worst-best. And this is common place for a generation that has done nothing except what it’s been told. The mental, psychology outlet for this behaviour? #MeToo? Maybe. Unlike the crimes of bankers, CEOs, Presidents with pee-pee-hair, Epstein represents mechanisms that serve purpose. And so. What’s the point to life if you’re in a world of lies and you can’t tell your lies anymore and no one else is willing to tell them for you–because it might endanger theirs? As much as #Americants want to avoid it, THE DREAM has always been a limited resource, dangled just out of your reach. Or have you not had a look at how it’s distributed? But enough of my worst-non-sense, except for this almost final thought. Do you think Epstein’s mind played with the idear of what a bunch of men, who know the difference between the haves and the have-mores, would actually do to him in prison?

Maybe there is some justice out there–even if never (really) for victims.

So don’t fret, dear worst-reader. You’ll get to go on with your privilege, your inheritance, your mind full of über-stupid that is the bulwark of a once great nation-state gone to hell in a raped girl’s red hand basket–accompanied by a matching red #MAGA hat. And with that in mind, remember this, too. There are wolves out there–who don’t wear your hat(s). They see all of you with your raped red hand baskets. And they know your vulnerabilities. Your lust for money. So you might as well whistle a tune on your way along the yellow brick forrest road of a Brother Grimm fairytale to join Epstein & co. The way things are going, nothing is gonna change anytime soon. There are so many more ugly, disgusting white men out there. And so many more #Americant lies to be told.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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