New Fav Pic Of All Time, Then Some

clinton blue dress painting.jpg
Screenshot from the interwebnets.

Don’t fret, dear worst-reader. I know I shouldn’t be laughing this much. LOL. LOL. HA. HA. Giggle. But what the heck, eh. And you can be sure I’m not having a heart attack and all that laughter is really choking. Or? I mean,  come on. Some major dusch-bag recently killed himself and thereby has all the automatons of the interwebnet opinion world up in mind-fcuk-arms about who done it. Luckily for you, I know who done it. More on that here. Since that post, by-the-buy, I’ve given the situation another worst-thought or three–which may or may not be part of conspiracy bat$hittery. For example. I suppose I could make this worst-post a bit of an addendum to my previous one. You know, as opposed to making this part two or, perhaps, a re-worst-write. But then I thought: what the heck for? Let’s go with addendum. 

There is so much LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID in what’s happening with the whole Epstein thing that I’m finding the humour it pulls out of my soul to be therapeutic. Not only is there giddy w/ laugh to be swum in, like a pool of pink jello, but there’s also vindication pure. You know. That whole chestnut where I’ve been bitchin’ & moanin’ for years about why I expatriated? Nomatter. Just heed this: I expatriated because, well, I was reared in all the STUPID that is the NOW. That was thirty or so years ago. Hence the therapy laughter in my gut of guts. And. As all the STUPID has become manifest–whereas when I was young it was more discreet, under the covers, lights out, door shut, all in the ill-will of state and church sanctioned STUPID matrimony–I just sit back from my thirty-thousand foot expat lazy-boy, where I’m free from the likes of faux-newz and #Americant republicanism, and bat$hit giggle, jiggle and ho-ho with my finger pointing… not unlike the finger pointing in the pic above.

When I first saw this pic, which hung in one of Epstein’s über-manhattan mansions, I couldn’t stop laughing. Then I started to read what the automatons of fail-upwards-ness started writing about it, most of which seemed to be conservative sources. Whaaaaa? No liberals writing about this painting? Wonder why. And don’t you know, dear worst-reader, not one of those automatons concluded anything near what I was concluding. In other worst-words, what does such a picture mean, especially while in the hands of a representative of #Americant perversion galore? Well, it means basically this: Bill Clinton is explaining to Newt Gingrich and Ken Starr what the word ‘is’… is. Or? Ok. Maybe it means this: Clinton is telling Newt Gingrich that his moral majority bullshit is nothing compared to allowing Neo-liberalism to run amok albeit with a bit less militarism and, of course, even less religious bigotry. Or? Ok. Maybe it means: Anybody wanna cum on my blue dress? How ’bout you?

Here’s what nobody’s talking about regarding Jeffry Epstein. The man was not just a sex-upped pervert. He was someone who believed with all his being that humans, especially the male types, should be allowed to do anything they want, including, while they’re doing it, to make the rules as they see fit–if they can afford it. Bill Clinton might have been the embodiment of this mantra, at least from a political POV. Then again, as we are now seeing more and more, there are millions of people who think this way–especially males but also a few females, hence the likes of Ghislaine Maxwell. Hail the Bimbos that support #Trump. Anywho. These people are anti-human, don’t you know. And so. Just be safe in knowing, dear worst-reader, that at least I, worst-writer, have informed you thusly. Now. Let’s giggle and wiggle and gag on laughter at the true face of #Americant as it’s reared for all, who are willing, to see… in a blue dress.

And by-the-buy, while I’m on the addendum-thing to a previous post, how ’bout this to add to the chalkboard of conspiracy about Jeffrey? If Epstein was so rich, so connected (some are now claiming that he was an enormous US intelligence asset), so powerful, how is it that it took so long to bring him down if he was such a bad guy? In other words, could it be that there is something else Epstein did that is more monstrous than, gee, abusing children? The powers-that-be couldn’t bring him down for what they consider to be his real crimes–which have nothing to do with child abuse. And that’s why it took so long. Those crimes had to get worse and worse and worse–before anything could be done about them. That’s how maniacal greed manifests, don’t you know. It becomes a monster. A Godzilla, if you will. But how do you bring it down?

As I said in my previous post, Epstein is nothing but a lair. He’s a con-artist. A grifter. Of course, like President Pee-Pee Hair, these guys are grifters of another class. Just go and spend time in NYC. You meet/see lots of them. But that’s neither here nor there. The thing to keep in mind in these days of social and cultural demise, is the big picture. Indeed. The one above of Clinton and the blue dress is as good as any big picture. Plus it’s quite entertaining. But my worst-point is this: Epstein’s true crimes are in and of the thing that holds all meaning for my beloved & missed #Americant, i.e. money. I’m starting to worst-guess (as opposed to worst-conspire) that, even though all the child abuse by Epstein is pretty awful stuff and deserving of a man’s death, there is a far worse crime that he committed that will never be revealed. And that has to do with money. Indeed. What we’re being subject to now is all a cover-up–not a conspiracy. It’s all a distraction. Goodness forbid in a country like #Americant that is now holding political rallies that mirror Nuremberg Rally, there really is little room for any truth.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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