Too Big Themselves Up

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“No one is having that much fun. They’re just distorting reality, too big themselves up. Trust me. Anyone out there who’s home tonight feeling left out, discarded and disrespected, if you knew how much everybody else is faking it, you wouldn’t want to join them anyway.” -Bill Maher Real Time #504

Yes, dear worst-reader. Words to steal worst-writer’s heart. You know, it’s a gift to despise most of humanity. And for those of us who work at it, it’s also a skill. Then again, I don’t believe worst-writers or worst-readers are born this way. Indeed. They are made. The only question that remains is: what will cum of them? Well, actually I could give a hoot. It’s just fun to worst-write the thought that maybe there’s a chance I don’t–really give a hoot. And so.

Bill Maher nailed it at the end of his show Real Time #504. The rest of the show was $hit, don’t you know. In fact, most of his shows this year suck. Why is that? Running out of steam? I mean, this show’s been on for how long? Whatever. My worst-point with this worst-post is that his words (see quote above) pretty much summarise what everyone should be feeling right now–and I’ve been not just feeling but KNOWING for much longer. But as we all know, eh, dear worst-reader, feelings can be a frivolous thingy. Even though most don’t know how to associated those feelings. We just flip them around, juggle them, expose them through genitals, etc. I mean, just look at how the women-folk abuse feelings. Unless, of course, you’re a German female. You know, most female-types abuse feelings in the name of, what I like to worst-refer to as, self-objectification. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that so many openly and secretly enable the likes of #Trump. But before I get too far off subject.

What the hell is “too big themselves up“? I had to re-listen to those words a few times, don’t you know. Although they kinda make sense to me–in and of themselves–I’m still not sure exactly what Maher is trying to say. Obviously my beloved & missed #Americant, which Bill is (always?) referring to, is at the centre of what bigs itself up. But is the idear of what he’s talking about clear? Ok. Ok. Since you might be gettin’ antsy, here’s worst-writer’s take on it.

As I’ve said here and there in this worst-blog, #Americant is a fail-upwards cesspool enabled by compulsive behaviourists driven by money, money, money. There is nothing else. On the whole, there are no achievers, there are no doers, there are no makers. There is only a mass horde of ill-educated robot-like individuals who only find meaning in their immediate groups and whether or not they are accepted or tolerated in those groups. Groups then become groups within groups. The result, of course, is #MAGA. It is only with such a horde of automatons that an obvious lie-of-the-mind not only exists but becomes the essence of EVERYTHING. You know, as in God We Trust on fiat currency–which kinda rules the world–and is a God.

Too big themselves up is a bit of an understatement in my worst-opinion–but I like it all the same. I don’t know if I’ll incorporate it into my worst-thoughts but it caught my attention all the same and most likely will mean I give Maher’s show another listen next week. But he is on a short list to be taken off my podcast subscriptions. Oh well. I guess after so many shows, an end must be near. Or?

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



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