Fcuked Is You And Your Kid’s Kids Too, Here’s How

“Similarly, the Republican Party’s dominance of the Supreme Court allows it to shape policy on issues ranging from voting rights to health care to the workplace, without actually needing to enact legislation. If Congress were able to legislate, by contrast, it could overrule many Supreme Court decisions and shift power from Republican judges to the American people.” -see ThinkProgress link below for source of this quote

Now that I’ve dabbled here and there in krapp about Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, Gore Vidal (tag link), the federalist papers and blue M&Ms, it’s time to move on to other things worst. Or is it? I mean, have a go at the quote above, dear worst-reader. It, and the article it stems from, is indeed a nice little write-up that summarises a big deal. You know, the big deal that is the slow train wreck of today’s #Americant–and how it got that way thanks to the uglies of the GOP, stupid white people and, of course, greed-galore. Other than that, though, there is something else in the write-up.

Whenever the federalist papers is mentioned in anything regarding the history of my beloved & missed united mistakes (of #Americant), I kinda lose my $hit. WTF, I usually ask (myself). How misconstrued can things get? I mean, there’s a reason the friggin federalist papers have been relegated to the bat$hit shelf of history. Even the blowhards of the day knew that ideology, especially in the hands of government, whether federalist or republican, is a dangerous thing. The federalist papers only purpose was to convince a bunch of eligible voters (rich white men in New York, btw) to support a centralised form of national government, backed by George Washington, btw. It was not about governing itself. Or something like that.

One should be very cautious when reading the federalist papers and then drawing some sort of conclusion based on what faux-newz or rush-limbaugh has told them to think (today). One should be especially careful when/if one is trapped in the $hitshow that is greed-mongering #Americant. You know, those who think they actually worked and do something with their lives when in reality all they’ve done is behave–as in compulsive behaviourism. This is quite the opposite of what men were doing back in the day the federalist papers were written, don’t you know. And. I know. I know. Who isn’t trapped in the $hitshow these days, eh, especially if you’re still dependent on behaviourism(s) to earn a living–as opposed to just outright owning slaves. But enough about worst-writer having found a way out and thereby laughing at the rest of you’all in your pseudo-slavedome.

The author of the ThinkProgress article below does a great job providing a concise and informative counter to #MoscowMitch’s op-ed in the NYT and thereby defending the destructive, albeit status-quo maintaining nature that is the united mistakes Senate. I most certainly remember the situation when Harry Reid fiddled with the so-called nuclear option between 2011-13, thereby infuriating the base of white-privilege republicanism that is Reaganism, faux-newz, Limbaugh & Co that have been building stupidity (or should I say $hitting) in the heads of #Americant dunces for the past four or five decades. Still. I thought Reid’s effort was worthwhile. If only there wasn’t so much LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID that republicans can use to counter the smarts of the (politically) cognitive few. And so. Republicans keep winning, which culminates in the stupid and uglies of #Trump. On top of that, it’s no longer the American dream but instead: #failupwards. Indeed. And so. If you work for a living, welcome to your… THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID is fcuking you galore, baby. Enjoy.

“So this is the legacy of the procedural avalanche Democrats set off: Justice Neil Gorsuch, Justice Brett Kavanaugh and 43 new lifetime circuit judges — the most ever at this point in a presidency. The consequences of taking Senator Reid’s advice will haunt liberals for decades.” -from #MoscowMitch’s NYT article, see link below

Considering not just the quotes above but the context of the greed $hitshow that spewed them, it’s no wonder that #Americants today are all $hitting their pants as if there’s no tomorrow, hence #Trump and his pee-pee-hair. I mean, how else should someone wake up to the fact that they’ve screwed the pooch with every breath, every deed, every pledge of allegiance.

Rant on.


– ThinkProgress article here
– MoscowMitch McConnel NYT article defending minority over majority government by filibuster here

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