Useful Idiots vs Useless Idiots

Big fan of Matt Taibbi. Enjoy reading him every once-a-once at Rolling Stone. Also. Kinda tickled that he’s entered the podcast arena (see link below). Well, I was tickled until he interviewed Jimmy Dore the other day. Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I kinda like Jimmy Dore. I mean, some parts of his podcasts are hi-larry-us, especially those skits with the phone calls and the guy who imitates all the well-known political and Hollywood personalities. But I often find myself fast forwarding when Dore gets-on about cutting-up on democrats. For that’s what he’s about, right? Cutting-up on people. It seems to be the last resort for comedians who can’t think of anything else/creative to say. So you just criticise and cut-up. You know. Talk about how fat people are. How stupid they are. Ugly? Make fun of everything your agreeing mob horde (audience) thinks is funny on account, well, they can’t figure anything out either. And while doing all that criticism and funny-stuff about the uglies that is #Americant, never come up with a solution. In my book the mob hordes are nothing more than #Americant smart-asses–or as Dore might put it: jag-offs. You know. The college grads who think they know/have learned something. Those who think just because they are something other than politically conservative, everyone else is wrong. Indeed, dear worst-reader. The armchair political scientists who think they know what’s wrong with my beloved & missed #Americant because they’ve never been able to come up with a creative thought about it–ever. Make fun, baby. And never realise that everybody that has a job in a corporation and is part of the anti-intellectualism that is biting a once great nation in the ass, there’s a joke to be made. Yeah. It seems Jimmy Dore is a pretty good comic when he gets on stage–performing for desperate minds, don’t you know, who all agree with him. Sound familiar? A bit of Rush Limbaugh, anyone?

Dore is nothing more than anything or anyone else in #Americant today: a smart + ass. Which, by-the-buy, doesn’t have to necessarily be derogatory. I mean. Come on. Again. Where would #Americant be today with out smart-asses? To me, the entire Boomer generation is one single smart-ass. The greatest smart ass that ever lived, don’t you know. In all of human history! Under other economic and political circumstances all these smart-asses might not be so gullible–but that’s what happens when you listen to your parents, you spend your life doing what you’re told, you never wake up to the con, you think a comedian is funny because he can make fun of a system that you’ve lived by your entire life. Oh comformity–you lustful and ugly bitch! And so…

Where else can these people turn? Marvel movies? Porn/Disney? WWE? New & improved forms of revolving credit? No culture, no community, torn and ripped families? The DNC and those attempting to be something other a touch left of centre? Deplorables? At the least, those who are part of what has given way to #Americant politics seem to be in agreement with Jimmy Dore. Then again, there is no other way to get a country to resort to the likes of #Trump–which allows Dore to rant and rant and rant about the DNC, Hillary, Russia-gate, etc. And because so many can’t understand the simplicity of what’s really going on, scapegoat it all. Yeah, baby. The great #Americant past-time, don’t you know. Sound familiar? Rush Limbaugh, anyone?

The thing Jimmy Dore doesn’t get (and perhaps makes him so dangerous) is that in a system of exclusivity, making fun of it all ain’t gonna change much. But it will continue to confuse the gullible. In other words, the GOP is still in full revolution mode and the progressives have a long way to go to catch up with what Ronald Reagan started. The fact that so many people like Dore hate Hillary in the same vein that the likes of Breitbart hates Hillary…? Holy cow, dear worst-reader. Indeed. It is the #Americant con manifest, don’t you know. Exclusivity is what lead to all the hate towards Hillary and the DNC’s behaviour toward Bernie at the 2016 Democratic primary. Bernie, by-the-buy, knew this because, before he entered the race, he was NOT a democrat. But let’s not get too bogged down in details. Here’s my point. What needs to change in #Americant won’t come from so-called Progressives if they continue to fight outside the system. #AOC is the perfect example of this. The only way to bring change is from within. But enough of worst-writer’s arm-chair politics, eh? Let’s just hope that in the mean-time, Dore doesn’t confuse enough people to enable another electoral college win by #Trump.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



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