Eating Babies

kronos eating his son
Cronos… eating babies.

What’s worse than a country full of guns? How ’bout a country full of guns plus STUPID? For there you have it, dear worst-reader. That’s exactly what I got ’round to thinking about as I tried to get through yet another newz day regarding my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. Or did you miss the newz gem the other day where #AOC was interrupted by a bat$hit nutbag from a Lyndon Larouche group during a townhall meeting?

Of course, most worst-readers might not see the connection I’m worst-attempting to make here. You know, the connection between guns, STUPID and $hitbags interrupting townhall meetings who are such an integral part of the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID. You know, a place where cults like Larouche thrive because members so gallantly know how to alternate sticking thumbs in others people arses and then playing switch-up with mouths. So. But. Well. Go with me here for a sec.

The woman that interrupted #AOC at a townhall is a plant by some right-wing org that, of course, supports president STUPID. As the mindless diarrhoea spewed from her voice about eating babies–that’s right, EATING BABIES1!!!–the only thing I could think about was when/if she was also gonna either pull out a gun or remove another part of her clothing to reveal she was wearing a bomb. For that’s the ticket about too many guns and too much stupid in the LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID–a country that’s overtly lost its (political) mind. And so.

Once again, dear worst-reader, worst-writer has to hand it to the Republicans. Give credit where’s it’s due. Boy do Repubs know how to control the narrative–which has allowed them to run the greed $hitshow that is #Americant for the past (insert number here) years. Whether it’s faux-newz, right-wing radio, or fringe groups spewing mindless diarrhoea2 while interrupting townhall meetings, one thing is clear. The Republicans are now resorting to rhetoric e.g. EATING BABIES, that is somehow gonna control the narrative even more, i.e. one-upping what they’ve achieved since Reagan so far. Indeed. Mix it all with too many guns, a whole lot of STUPID and someone with a t-shirt declaring the solution to climate change is EATING BABIES. It’s no wonder #Trump is your new ruler–and I jumped ship almost thirty years ago.

On the other hand, I’m starting to feel a bit sorry for the likes of #AOC. More and more she’s looking like a lonely soul swimming in a cesspool of sharks that have been forcibly starved because they’ve never learned to feed themselves but instead feed off of others–and/but the food is running out (fast). For that’s the essence of political conservatism, don’t you know. Never mind its rhetoric about nationalism, patriotism, EATING BABIES. In the end, all conservatism has is what it can take away from others in the name of the state and/or a few really, really rich folk. Neo-liberalism, baby!

Or maybe not.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.



  1. Eating babies as a way to reduce CO2 emissions, i.e. less over-population, in order to save the earth ↩︎
  2. The Blaze, Breitbart, etc. ↩︎

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