The Essence Of #Americant

Get a load of this vid, dear worst-reader. Get a load of what this vid is about! Obviously examples of what makes America #Americant are not few and far between. I mean, how else can THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID up its game with the likes of #Trump & co? No, seriously. I mean, even worst-writer asked the assumptive question: what can come after Dubya dipshit Bush? Well, Barry-O wasn’t all that bad, IMHO. But his election angered a few Das Volk, to worst-say the least. Of course, the politics of personal destruction is a short but winding mindset. Such an environment can only germinate in a culture obsessed with the likes of WWE, Reality-TV, and a mass/horde of inner ugly (mostly) white people that will laugh and giggle and smirk instead of come to the aide of the needy and have-not-greedy. But before I get too far off topic.

Don’t get me wrong, dear worst-reader. I’m not sure I actually listened/watched the whole video that this worst-post is linking to. Reason? The way this #Trump person talks is exactly that which caused me to find other shores–and that was thirty fcukin‘ years ago. When I was young, early adulthood, people just like Kellyanne talked this way every day of my life–whether it was parents, teachers, bosses, colleagues, etc. This President Stupid participant talks just like meritless #americant that make the greed $hitshow of dysfunction the holy fcuking grail of everything. You know, the oh-so many minions who think they actually achieve–when in fact all they’ve done is behave–as in: compulsive behaviourism, i.e. make a living, have a living standard, etc. You know, these people, in the days of Ronald Reagan, were held at bay. They were behind the curtain. They were too disgusting to bring forward. Now they are the norm. All because of Barry-O? A sad question indeed.

Good luck suckers. For you deserve #Trump. It’s what inner uglies of greedy white people is all about.

Rant on.


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