A Series Of Tubes, Stupid People, Who Sells You?

We have to go there, dear worst-reader. We have to once again go to that place where my beloved & missed #Americant is called out for not just being the greatest #MAGA country the universe has ever seen but also for being, well, functionally STUPID. (Sarcasm on/off.)

But where do the two, greatest and stupid, converge in order to make the world happy again along with #MAGA, dear worst-writer?

That’s a great question, worst-comrade. Let me first try to address it with the vid above. (Short pause.) Did you have a look? Good. Now let’s move on.

There are examples galore in these days of #Trump and mis-reading how a country can even get to #Trump. Then again, secrets are as secret can be when conspiracy theory galore clouds the mind’s eye of, well, wearing a baseball hat day in and day out that reads: < I’M WITH STUPID. Which brings me too: a series of tubes and how those tubes are used to sell the suckers that are both #MAGA hat wearers and those who wear the other hat mentioned.

Can you believe that we’re still having this worst-conversation? You know, this/the conversation about… the mechanics but NOT the machine. For that is what The Zuck is all about, don’t you know. I mean, isn’t this, like, the (insert # here) time he’s appeared in front of the holy body that represents THE LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID and said, basically, nothing? And on that worst-note, I must die-gress and stop calling everyone in my beloved & missed #Americant stupid. Or? Or.

Why does The Zuck get all the free publicity in the world by constantly appearing in front of The House Of Representatives? I mean, don’t get me wrong. #AOC questioning The Zuck is fine. Isn’t she a sight to behold? A few of the other questioners are cool, too. But why aren’t they focusing on what makes The Zuck’s tick, i.e. the reason anyone does anything in not just #Americant but the western world? That is, am I the only one that knows how to deal with the problem of a bunch of heartless greed-mongers who know how the interwebnet works? And that’s the ticket, ain’t it, dear worst-reader? The Zuck’s great achievement in this/our meritless society full of fake money, is how he’s duped you on account there are too many that don’t know how things work. FB figured out how to scrounge a buck or three out of stupid people, don’t you know. For that’s what we live in. Remember: FB is internet for stupid people.

With that in mind, let me throw this at you. As much as it saddens me to admit it, it’s a shame really that people who use FB thinking they’re only sharing family $hit should be labelled stupid. But what else is there to label them? Naive? Slender of mind? A bit cross with how technology passed them by, hence they missed out on AOL? Oh wait. Here’s a twist.

The people on FB, stupid more or less, are a product. And that’s the gist of the issue. Did you get that, dear worst-reader? That’s FB’s greatest trick. Wouldn’t it be cool if a congressperson or three could ask about that? Put another worst-way, The Zuck has turned his customers into a product. Do some think he’s a genius for doing that? Maybe. The only problem is, well, this sort of thing has been done before. And, at its essence, it is nothing more than a con-game. And you know what you need to get really, really, really rich of the con-game? That’s right. Stupid people. Bingo! #MAGA.

Yet congressperson after congresswoman questions The Zuck as though FB is interested in something other than his users being not customers but instead a product that he can sell. Oh yeah, baby. The demise of an already dysfunctional pseudo-democracy and all due to… stupid people. And before I get too far off topic complaining about how stupid people can be used and abused because that’s exactly what makes #MAGA #Americant, get this.

The solution to dealing with FB’s grifting (con-game) of (willing) stupid people is to simply follow that which is God. And remember, God is dead but God has been reborn as money. In this case, FB has two forms of revenue and not one person at this congressional questioning session asked about either. Go figure, eh.

The first revenue stream is regular old advertising. The second revenue stream–and this is a bit of a doozy to grasp–is The Zuck selling access to you for political gain. Indeed. Stupid people do have value, don’t you know. Just look at #Americant politics. And so. This is a bit different than a traditional media company bringing advertisers and buyers together. Have I lost you yet, dear worst-reader?

Let me try to put it another way. The Super Bowl. The Super Bowl shows TV ads selling beer, soda, fast-food, etc. And that’s fine and dandy. We’re all used to that. Television, radio and even internet advertising is the norm. It’s the price we pay for access. Got it? But what if the owners of the Super Bowl, which is viewed by over a billion people, enabled access to its audience in order to sell something other than beer, soda or fast-food–and thereby not telling its audience that it’s doing so?

Unlike regular advertising, that generations are accustomed to, and to a certain extent are regulated, FB and The Zuck thinks it can circumvent that regulation and let anybody promote anything they want–as long as they FB for the access. That’s pretty much what happened with Cambridge Analytica. The thing they bought from FB was access to users in order to promote fake newz. Cool, eh. (Sarcasm on/off.)

Of course, there is a simple solution to this type of underhanded, tricky manipulation of stupid people, i.e. FB users–most of whom were raised to be submissive and unquestioning in their loyalty to a/their parentage of greed-mongering. In the case of Cambridge Analytica, where it paid FB to promote right-wing political propaganda based on user-profiles, including user friends, all that need be done is to make FB tell its product (you, the FB user) what it’s up to. Simple stuff, really. It was done at the beginning of both radio and TV, you know, to prohibit them both from becoming propagandised. Why should it be any different with this new-fangled series of tubes and Interwebnets that we’re all having so much fun with? Just make people aware that what they are seeing is propaganda, fake-newz, or just a plain old gimmick where someone wants to pull the wool over blind eyes.

Or maybe not, #Americant. Obviously you have better things to do than protect people from their own stupidity. And so. #MAGA!

Rant on.



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