What Is Then Is Now

Took me a while to finally get to this video, dear worst-reader. I’d heard about this debate after reading a bit about Buckley, who I was intellectually lead to by Christopher Hitchens a few and a few more years ago. I vividly recall watching Buckley on black&white television in my youth and asking my mother if he was American on account of his funny accent. In hindsight, how would my Prussian mother know who or what was American? #Nomatter. Yeah, that Buckley show accent. But that’s neither here nor there. The other day I was listening to a podcast (see link below) where a smart guy is interviewed about a book he’s recently written. The book is 500 pages and all about this debate. Go figure, eh. That, of course, especially motivated me to finally view the video (above). Thank the gods of greed for the Interwebnets, eh. Indeed, dear worst-reader. Although Baldwin has been on my reading list, he’s now moved up a notch or three. And I’ll get to him soon enough, don’t you know. Till then, I’ve since rewatched Baldwin’s portion of this debate numerous times and Buckley’s part only twice. Not only is it astonishing how the language from 50 years ago has not changed–considering the ugly racism-face that has arisen with #Trump–but you could almost place everything Buckley says, as he replies to Baldwin’s brilliance, overtop any fauxnewZ broadcast in the hear & now. Wow.

Rant on.



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