AI = Apathy & Ignorance

What got us to where we be, dear worst-reader? Now that’s a worst-question (grammar correct or not), eh. Let’s have a look, shall we.

Something everyone should see/hear? Perhaps. But can/could any of the (insert number here1) millions of the #Americant republican base, the minority rulers, don’t you know, actually comprehend this? You know, maybe the vid above or the links below? What a mute question, eh, dear worst-reader? #Nomatter. They have their own stuff to listen/watch–in order to continue the/their brainwash. Ain’t that so?

I was listening to the Ralph Nader radio hour podcast (link below) the other morning and the show’s guest blurted out something about apathy and ignorance while also talking about a book he wrote that includes some kind of mystery around a “Catfish Solution” that may or may not help #Americant get its $hit together. Keep in mind, I was listening to the podcast at around three in the morning. A few hours prior I had seen the Sascha Baron Cohen video (above) and his incredible speech calling out the likes of Zuckerberg & Co. And then–to add waste to lay–my dog, Beckett the killer pug, woke me up on account he’s having (once again) stomach problems. How do I know a pug is having stomach problems at three in the morning? Good question, dear worst-reader. So let’s move on.

Anywho. There’s so much out there in the ether that is the demise of my beloved & missed united mistakes of #Americant. I mean, not only is the newz all over it but it seems that so-called independent media (podcasting, YouTube, etc.) is getting on it, too. I mean, that’s kinda what Ralph Nader has been relegated to. Or? And check out Sasch Baron Cohen’s speech! My only concern is, independent media might have a pretty short life-span on account, according to the podcast below, the FCC, unlike how it used to regulate to protect what should be public airwaves (broadcasting), is now just in the hands of whimsical Neo-liberals–and how much is Cohen’s speech really gonna make all those minority ruling #Americant Republicants wake up to what they’ve done? Yeah, and we know where Neo-liberals come from and what they’ve all done so-far. Or? Cohen, on the other worst-hand, can still make a movie or three shitting on Stupid People. Or? Or?

The greed $hit$how goes on and on and on, baby.

Rant on.




  1. According to Wiki, there are 32m members of the Republican Party and I’m worst-guessing, if you add to that maybe another 30m, you actually get a comprehensible number regarding how much stupid rules by minority in #Americant. Or maybe not. ↩︎

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