Impeachment Galore

trump stubby

Admiring Nancy Pelosi lately, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. When I read that she was holding back submitting articles of impeachment to the Senate, I giggled and smirked and danced the hoochi-kuh. What a great idear, I thought. Not only should she hold back on submitting impeachment articles to the faux-newz Senate but if she can do this once, why not do it till the cows come runnin’? I mean, don’t bother even acknowledging the Senate. Just keep impeaching President Stupid–for posterity! In fact, when you run out of legitimate reason to impeach him, which there are many, impeach him a few more times for various forms of stupidity. And after that let’s see if Pelosi can find a few ways of impeaching #Americant for all its stupidity in allowing a once great nation to go down the $hithole of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID.

Rant on.



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