As You Live, Eat And Breath It: Compulsive Behaviourism And Fascism

Stopped watching at exactly 16:51, dear worst-reader. Reason? It’s all I could stomach. What a disgusting display of… Of? Of? Well, how ’bout this: what a disgusting display of life, liberty and the pursuit of greed (at any cost) that is the current state of  my beloved & missed united mistakes of compulsive behaviourism, aka #Americant. Why should any honest, hardworking person give a fcuk about these privileged people and their complaints about the cesspool of life that they obviously chose from the get-go to participate in and hence build/enable? Oh wait. Where does this sort of behaviourism come from? Does it come from men eye-groping as skirts walk by? Does it come from ill-construed patriarchy and submissive matriarchy? Or what about the women who raise the men that give us such ills? Yeah, what about those mothers?

You mean, dear worst-writer, that with all their privilege and education, they weren’t able to see (judge) the cesspool of life/career that they were getting into–from the get-go? As soon as blondie #1 started talking about how she worked her way up, just prior to the 16:51 mark, I thought I was gonna lose control of my eyes rolling into the back of my head. Thank goodness I recovered. Or?

Bimbo #1, like so many #Americants born since the 1950s (in her case 70s), has never worked a day in her life. What she has done, though, is something much better and much more deserved than work and it is probably the future on account, well, what else is there now that the $hit$how has reached new heights above and beyond the incorporation of seven deadly sins? Sarcasm on/off. Indeed. She has BEHAVED. She is the epitome of compulsive behaviourism–like so many of her ilk, her generation, #okboomer?, Gen-X?, corporatists with the right skin tone, hair colour, etc., etc… All who have what they have because of how they behave–AND NOTHING ELSE. But enough about the bimbo coalition that makes up half a species and how they emulate the other half (that is just as bad).

Who should give a hoot about the players who play in this game? I mean. Come on. Now that the game has ruined life for so many (culminating but probably not ending with #Trump), should those of us who chose not to participate in it, put up with all this fcuking whining? Again. I quit the video at 16:51. Like most people on this planet who must live with choice and consequence, who gives a fcuk that you had to raise a skirt while dancing in front of your career choice? Oh wait. Maybe some of you had to give the boss a blowjob? Of course none of you thought about just walking out from the get-go. I mean. Come on. Who wants to give up a career because, well, the next bimbo could lift her skirt better?

Which brings me to the heart of the issue. Welcome to your new world order of Neo fascism. Yea, baby. This is but a game in a game that is fascism. More than any other political ideology, fascism is about exactly this. I mean, it’s not only about power and money. It’s about old, fat men finding loyalty up the skirts of chicks who grew up never questioning why all those other women in magazines and on TV so easily acquire the gaze of men men men. Or am I wrong, Walter? Put another way, there would be no fascism without all the bigotry, greed and a few bimbos never questioning what is so intriguing up a skirt. Which begs the worst-question:  what about all those women who not only did the skirt twirl without question but also gave great loyalty blowjobs?

Ah. What we all do for love and career.

And so. For $hits and giggles, let’s run down a worst-writer definition of fascism for the moment–or this worst-post.

  • Bigotry, of course, is the hate that my beloved and missed #Americant has been utilising since it squandered the end of the Cold War, or perhaps even earlier.
  • Greed, of course, is the capitalism that is currently feeding on the negative of bigotry so that the Have-Mores don’t have to pay-up for cheating the Haves who in turn have always cheated the Have-Nots.
  • Or check here.

What better facilitator of all of this is there than faux newz, #Americant political and social conservatism, and the bimbos that make all the old male owners, the Have-Mores feel better about their dick pills? And so. The reptile brain of greed mongers–in this case the compulsive behaviourist bimbos–know this, dear worst-reader. In fact, Bimbo #1 might finally know it more than ever. Welcome to the world you created, sugar tits. Hope you make the world better for daughters.

Rant on.




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