Human Wrongness Essence

So glad to hear Maher going where things need go. You know. As in. How to rid humanity of that which is the origin of all ills, don’t you know, dear worst-reader. Royalty makes so little sense to me that at this point in my worst-life, I’m still asking how come the French Revolution stopped with just French Royalty. There were (are) so many more heads worth rolling, eh. Then again, considering how things went back then, I suppose it’s a wonder so many royal families survived. Or? Considering how so-called (western) democracies have evolved, especially with the likes of #Trump, I suppose one could see (if one were inclined to do so by giving up reality-tv and such) how so many of the plebeians love royals. At the least, we still have their sick-stink to deal with. And so. Could I give a hoot what British “royals” are planning now that it’s becoming more and more obvious how truly disgusting they are? As though one of their dips (Harry) leaving the family will make a difference, don’t you know. The only thing that will/could make a difference (in the future) is if said dip turns out to be, well, just like all the other (Andrew) dips. And then we finally have a repeat/continuation of the French Revolution. So let’s give him (Harry) a year or two more with his dip actress wife before he hightails it back to the comfort zone of privilege galore. Yeah, their split is gonna be a laugh, eh.

Rant on.


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