Adults Room?

let us pray.JPG
Your government–and YOU–is being run by this?

I get the whole church/religion thing. Seriously. Spent a few nights and days here or there reading THE BOOK. The good book, don’t you know. Actually enjoyed parts of it. I especially like what Thomas Jefferson did with it. But I also have to admit that the Book of Revelation has left me somewhat scarred if not horny. And so. Religion–these days–should somehow be left to rational people. You know, like artists and creatives–to those with no power. These are the types who can take its grand literature and make some sense of it, don’t you know. Think Shakespeare, Dostoevsky, Beckett (Sam), etc. If you don’t leave the grand good book to those who can think rationally then guess what happens? That’s right.

#Americant, baby.

Good luck suckers.