Boomer Plague, Face Masks And Toilet Paper

There you have it, dear worst-reader. End-times ain’t (just) nigh (anymore). They (end-times) be here, eh. How do you (we) know? Easy. There’s nothing to wipe your arse with. Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to love the idear about getting a bidet. As I worst-write this, I can almost feel a stream of water gushing around my under-carriage. But let’s not transgress too far off worst-subject–to places you may or mayn’t wish to witness. Or?

What’s the deal with hoarding toilet paper, dear worst-reader? No. Serious. Why are people doing it? Is it because they’re worried about not being able to wipe? Seriously? These people wipe? And as you (I) contemplate the issue, get this worst-thought. One sheet of toilet paper looks similar enough to one of those masks that people wear to cover their face. They wear the masks, by-the-buy, to stop their minds from spilling out what they really think. And so. The masses of stupid people that make this, our beloved earth of STUPID, are simply hoarding toilet paper because, well, they think it’s the same as those masks. Indeed. Toilet paper covers a hole, if you will. It can prevent something from going out and going in, along side, of course, with keeping it all clean. And because so many are too stupid to know anything, they mistake one thing for another. So go out there, dear worst-reader. Hoard yourself some toilet paper as someone else has hoarded all the masks–and others hoard all the money. And whether its $hit coming out of your mouth or your arse, at this point in life, history, a world where the likes of #Trump can attain the leadership of LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID, it’s all obviously about the money. These are the times you live in. Good luck sucker.

And while I’m on the subject of worst-luck.

Something still lingers in the ever-more of the now which smells horribly like old people aka #okboomers. Do you smell it, dear worst-reader? Whaaaaa? Never got a whiff of old people? Quite the opposite of a newborn, don’t you know. And if you’ve (n)ever smelled a newborn–it’s an experience so much better than the actual birthing process where that bitch screams and yells about how well I fcuked a baby inside of her as the halls of her life squeezed to pin me down, lusting for my servitude, her matrimony our contract, that the beautiful babe she would bear c/would be true to us both in the misery that is fake newz or love. And total contrast to the death that old people espouse, especially in these days of greed galore embodied by #okboomer. Am I wrong? But I digress.

Am I the only one to smell the stench of old people? A stench this grand old earth bitch wishes to be rid of? And do I smell it on account, well, because I’m probably, kinda one of them? Also. Don’t you know. I’ve always had trouble describing (or is it transcribing?) smell. But the comparison to newborns ain’t bad, eh. Is it because there are so many old people these days that is must be compared? What’s the adage? If you’re a fish you don’t mind disgusting, polluted, faeces filled ocean to exist in. You know, as in, old people are kinda everywhere–and they have everything. Which is most likely due to the fact that they took it all–everything–only to leave their smell behind as youth-life slowly perishes or is it dwindles into the long, slow night-wake of greed demise? #Nomatter.

For all impractical reasoning, I’m old too. Approaching the big six-o. Yet I was birthed by the oldest of the generation that is currently the most ill in Italy. Wait. That makes no sense. What I mean is this. I am part of the ilk that is #okboomer but I’m of the tail end of it, don’t you know. I’m the last of what the so-called greatest generation could birth. Which begs the issue: if #okboomer parentage was so fcuking great, why is it that the world is lead by morons, anti-intellectuals, religious $hit-bags, greed-mongers galore? And so.

Worst-writer’s ode to #okboomer.

Oh, old people, I hope you all pass on as you came in. Came in to the $hitshow, don’t you know. Took it over–and made it your $hitshow–from your greed $hitshow parents. Greed and taxes do take a bite, she said behind the medicine counter where just above her head was a sign that read: show your properly stamped passport before receiving your flu dosage. Who has the flu? Come one, come all–fcuk heads. Show the world what you’re capable of, reveal your inner besties. All your drunk meth friends, revelling in the afterbirth of so many missed abortions and the love-forsaken feminism of the grand bimbo coalition where all is not lost as long as you blame someone (something) else for your misdeeds. And now bow to your pee-pee-hair god, #Trump, i.e. President Stupid. For he is yours #okboomer. Reap what you are and keep playing in that fake-gold hair. And before I forget. I hope you all die a miserable death for what you’ve done to this world and your children, especially the young girls you abused. Fuck you, boomer.

Move on (quickly).

Of course, if you ask worst-writer–which you shalln’t–Coronavirus could just as easily be called a disease of STUPID. I know. I know. It’s also a disease of poverty. But let’s not complicate things, eh. You know, as in, a disease my beloved & missed LAND OF FREE TO BE STUPID kinda deserves. For #Americant is the embodiment of both STUPID and poverty. Or? Then again. My beloved & missed #Americant doesn’t deserve all my ridicule out of worst-spite, let’s be clear. It’s just that sheer ignorance is so abominable to me and it is manifest on a daily basis since the advent (election loss, electoral college win) of President Stupid. I mean, how else can a once great experiment in nation-state building be reduced to the likes of President Pee-Pee hair? Stupid deserves stupid, right? Stupid deserves this disease. Or am I getting-on too much about it all? #Nomatter.

What is STUPID’S creed, dear worst-reader? That’s right. Greed. And would you believe that President Stupid is actually trying to secure a vaccine for the disease of stupid for himself. Indeed. He might be doing it because, well, he’s infected. And even if he is (infected), his real motivation is the $hitshow of greed, don’t you know, that is all he knows. He literally tried to secure the rights to a vaccine for a disease that could potentially kill hundreds of thousands. He did so not for the sake of a nation but instead in order to make a buck. Does that surprise anyone? Maybe it surprises a few people. But get this, dear worst-reader. I was born and reared in the $hitshow of greed that is #Americant. Nothing about money and ugly pee-pee hair surprises me. So there.

Don’t believe anything you read about this being a disease of national origin. It is, indeed, a disease of forced poverty and subjugation. And, as usual, my beloved and missed #Americant is leading the way.

Rant on.